10 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles


10 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Each wrinkle has a story to tell.  With age the lines and furrows are inevitable. Old age makes your skin less elastic and thinner. Moisture retention capacity of the skin also decreases and hence wrinkles start appearing. No one would want their age to show on their skin.


Hyaluronic Acid delays wrinkle


Advanced cosmetic cure techniques can reduce your wrinkles and delay their appearance for quite some time making your skin look younger and beautiful. But there is no miraculous cure for wrinkles.  These products and cures are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. But there are some natural tips which if followed diligently can keep away wrinkles for a considerable period of time.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the source of our life. It is a cure to many things. Water flushes out toxins and supplies moisture for the skin. Drinking plenty of water will prevent those fine lines from appearing on face. It keeps your skin hydrated, supplied and moisturized.


sufficient water under eye treatment


Protect your skin from sun

Little amount of sunlight is necessary for production on Vitamin D. Prolonged exposure to sun can cause irreparable damage such as premature wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots. Avoid the sun and if you cannot wear a sunglass and an umbrella. Use a good sunscreen if you have to spend long hours in the sun. Sunscreens should be used throughout the year. Even when you think that it is cold outside the harmful UV rays of the sun can cause substantial damage to your skin.


Hyaluronic Acid natural sunscreen


Sun Protection Cosmetics are helpful

Some of the renowned brands have come up with good foundations and BB creams which contain a considerable amount of SPF. Using them can help you prevent the appearance of wrinkles.


Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review


Keep your Face clean

Cleanse your face and clean it regularly. Avoid using bar soaps. Use a mild moisturizing face wash that will not be too hard on your skin and strip it of its moisture. Bar soaps contain harmful chemicals that can cause dryness and appearance of fine lines.




Don’t over wash

Anything in extreme is bad. Cleansing your face is good but then again overdoing it may cause harm. If you are obsessed and splash water and use face wash frequently you will cause more harm than good. Your skin will lose all softness and moisture and will age faster.

Get plenty of sleep and rest

Adequate amount and sleep and rest are the mantras for healthy and glowing skin. Nothing looks worse than a sleep deprived skin. Individuals who fail to get adequate amount of sleep and rest look older than their age. The deficiency shows in their skin.


adequate sleep for dark circles


Eat healthy

What you eat will show on your skin. Eat a healthy and a balanced diet. It should be rich in minerals and vitamins and comprise of fresh fruit and minerals. Avoid junk and oily foods which are high on saturated fat and red meat. Vitamin deficiencies cause wrinkles. In such cases multi-vitamin tablets are helpful. It is mandatory that you consult your physician before you take these tablets.


eating for the skin


Anti-wrinkle Face Packs

You can fight the signs of aging with some anti-wrinkle face packs made from ingredients available almost in every household such as bananas, eggs, cabbage etc. Application of an egg white mask on your face twice a week can tighten your skin sufficiently preventing the onset of those much dreaded wrinkles. Also the application of ripe banana pulp or mashed cabbage leaf mask does the same thing.


yogurt face pack


Give up smoking & drinking

According to scientific research women who smoke and drink, lose their youthful look faster. These habits accelerate the collagen fiber breaking process as a result of which your skin loses its tightness faster than usual


avoid drinking smoking


Well Formulated Anti-aging cosmetics:

Last but not the least you can of course repose your confidence on certain Anti-aging cosmetics provided you shop the most reputed brands and at the correct time; i.e. just before you fall a prey to the wrinkles. While shopping for the anti-aging cosmetics, look for the ingredients like retinol, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide that will definitely keep your wrinkles at bay.

Read more about anti-aging products  here.


anti aging products


Follow these rules and I am sure you’ll age gracefully and not much ahead of time.  Also you should always smile and be happy to look vibrant and youthful and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

What is your anti aging routine?

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