10 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Underarms


Girls with dark underarms raise their hands!!!!

Haha…..I know you won’t. Dark underarms look so unsightly that even though you’ve perfectly clean and hair-free armpits, darkness prevents you from enjoying the sleeveless dresses. I’ve the same problem and searched for remedies to treat shady underarms. I’ve compiled a list of some easy tips and have started using a few as well :-). Read on and get ready to rock the festive season.

  • This one is a no brainer gals….no shaving, no depilatory creams. Just opt for regular waxing to get rid of dull, dead skin. It hurts but the great results are worth it.


under arms waxing


  • Limit the use of deodorants if you can as the strong chemicals in deos may cause darkening. Daily usage of deos prevents the sweat by clogging the pores, thus making the area shady. In the following tips you will find the easy-peasy recipes for some natural deodorants.
  • If you love massages, then give your underarms a 15 minutes massage with coconut oil daily before bath. Vitamin E in this oil prevents darkening and also improves the skin texture. Now the best part is that the coconut oil also acts as a deodorant. This one is my personal favorite.
  • Another very useful remedy is the humble and multi talented lemon. Just cut the lemon and rub it under your arms. We are all aware of the bleaching and anti-bacterial properties of this citrus fruit. Rub a lemon slice before bath and do not forget to apply moisturizer afterwards to prevent dryness.


lemon for dark under arms


  • To remove the dead cells, exfoliation is required. Mix some baking soda with water to make a thick paste. Scrubbing the armpits with this paste removes dead skin, lightens skin and acts as a natural deodorant!!!! Another fav of mine.
  • You can use a paste of rice flour and a strong vinegar for treating dullness. Apply it for 10-15 minutes after shower. This one is anti-bacterial also.
  • Take some gram flour, add little yogurt, lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. Wash it after 15 minutes. This one is ‘Dadi Ma aka khazana’. Daily use of this pack is good for underarms. I used it as face pack some years ago and it gave visible results in 3 weeks.
  • Apply cucumber or potato juice on the armpits. Instead of juice, you can also rub slices of any of these veggies to lighten your underarms. You can use these daily or every alternate day for bleaching properties.
  • Applying a paste of sandalwood and rosewater daily for few minutes also helps to get fairer underarms. It works fast when used on a daily basis. The pleasant fragrance of sandal prevents body odour too.
  • This last one is a delicious one. We love to have saffron in our food, milk and sweets. Save some of the saffron for your underarms. Just take a pinch of it and mix with milk or cream. Apply it before going to bed and wash off in the morning. Result- lightening, brightening and prevention of body odour. This works fast but the ‘overnight’ tag keeps me away 🙁


remedies for dark under arms


For the lazy-s amongst us- use any readymade lightening pack on your underarms.

Try whichever you like and go sleeveless with confidence.


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  1. to add to all of this ..this also worked for me …the old grand dad alum ..used by our grand fathers when there was no deo or antiseptic stuff available …and its cheap and one slab goes on for yrs and yrs …and yrs …bt yes if it falls its brks …i have stopped deo last 6 mnths and survived the hot and sultry weather of mumbai!!!!

  2. hi
    my fav 1 is lemon slice rubbing coz after trying that i almost stopped using deo , just for fragrance i use perfume on my dress

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