10 Ways To Make All Lipstick Shades Work For You


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I’m so sure, like me each one of you must have bought at least one lipstick that we hated or realized we simply couldn’t use it, after the shopping fever was gone. Mostly the lipstick stays there for months after months reminding us of the stupid mistake, making us feel terrible.

I have gone through the experience many many times and just to make the pain in the heart little lighter, I came up with a few tricks to use the ‘useless one’. Sometimes it so happens that while using it in different ways you start loving the shade, with changes or even as it is.

One can always use few lipsticks as a blush-on or eye shadow or bronzer, but here I’m suggesting ways to use it for what it is :)I’m suggesting a few ways to use the non-favorite lipstick; these are no innovative ways, most of us have tried these, so probably this is mostly a compilation.

First thing first – Know why you don’t like the shade – Reasons can be only a few – its too bright, too dull, too light, too dark or just ‘not-my-shade’. There are many ways to actually change a shade or saturation of the lipstick.


How to apply lipstick and choose lipstick shade

  • Fill in lip with a darker lip liner and then apply this lipstick
  •  Apply a lipstick in same family [browns/pinks], blot it and then apply this lipstick. Use it to tone down other brighter or darker lipsticks
  •  Use over foundation or primer, many times these will make the shade look like how you wanted it to be


How to make dark lipstick work for you


How to make lipstick work

  •  Don’t apply directly from the tube, try with a finger or a brush
  • Apply over a lip balm for a sheer tint
  • Apply this lipstick lightly and cover with another brighter or lighter shade
  • Fill in lip with a lighter or nude lip liner and then apply this lipstick
  • Cover with a lip-gloss


 How to make dull lipstick work


How  to make dull lipstick shade work

  • Use another bright shade to brighten up this one
  • Use shimmer or bronze or even blush to add some sparkle – for this , over the lipstick dab very little lip balm or Vaseline, and then apply the powder you like. The opaque pigment in blush can make it lighter too.


 How to make bright lipstick work


How to wear bright lipstick shades

This I find comparatively easy to tweak

A brown, light or dark will surely make the shade wearable. You can try either a lipstick or a lip liner for this.

Just overlap with any other light shade. Whether you use this as base or on top will change the shade a lot. This lipstick can even be worn as highlighter for many of your other lipsticks. Just dab a little bit of this over your other lipstick. You will be surprised to see what it can do to the dullest drabbest shade.


 How to change lipstick shade


How to change lipstick shades

  • Use Lip liners to dull a shade or brighten up. You can even add a tint of another colour with this. E.g. A brown lipstick can be given a hint of pink with a pinkish lip liner.
  • Apply on lip balm or Vaseline to make sheer, like a tinted gloss
  •  Top with a gloss for another shade
  • Dab with a finger for light application
  • Apply the lipstick, dab with a tissue and then apply another shade
  • Apply shimmer on top of a gloss
  • While overlapping, Change the percentage of colour to explore new shades. Eg. While mixing brown and pink, use just a hint of pink with all brown or vise versa, or apply both in equal quantity.  Experiment until you love the result
  • While overlapping the same shades will give you different results if one is applied on top or as base colour. E.g. Brown on red will look much different than red on brown.


Just remember the basic families of shades and you will know what results to expect. Like Mauves, Browns, Reds, Pinks etc.

  • Mix the dullest with the brightest  OR
  • Brightest with a red- surprisingly sometimes red can look dull with the brighter shade! OR
  • Red with a pink OR

how to wear all shades of lisptick

  • Pink with orange [Lovely Coral] OR
  • Orange with browns – [With little shimmer you get a beautiful bronze] OR
  • Pink with bronze or golden OR
  • Brown with bronze OR
  • Pink with brown OR

How to wear all shades of lisptick

Oh I’ll never get tired of mixing & using these!

I have to mention, I read somewhere that lipsticks should not be overlapped. I don’t know why, and I’ve been doing it since a few years and haven’t been able to find a reason. If any of you know the reason, pls do share!

While experimenting, you’ll notice how many different shades you come across. You will definitely find your prefect combination and may be the hated lipstick will be the most favorite one

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  1. Really good post!

    I generally use lip gloss to help make a lippi more werable. A pink tinted lip gloss with golden shimmer always saves the day for me when my lippie is looking too dull or too peach 😉

  2. Fantastic post! Pradnya, uv done an awesome job and it must have taken u so long to take these swatches and label them ..Gosh! This is amazing! :yes:



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