10 Ways to Style Fusion Dresses


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Fusion dresses are really cool as you can style them in any manner and they have no set pattern. You can style your outfit your way and create an example for others to follow. In fact this is the way these outfits get popular.
I am going to share a few such ways in which you can also style your fusion dresses as are being done these days.

Kurta with Jeans

kurta with jeans
This is a common yet stylish form of fusion dress. The best part and the main reason of it being common is that it suits women across ages. It is in fact a cool style since 60’s or 70’s and still is in fashion.

Kurta with Palazzos

kurta with palazzo

This is a major turnaround to the Salwar Kameez structure with an advent of the palazzo into the fashion scene. These look extremely cool and comfortable to wear and are seen in an increasing trend.

Dhoti with t-shirts or blouses


These look extremely cool as a fusion. You can actually see a lot of people put this on and carry it anywhere like shopping or college or even to offices.

Dupatta with skirt

dupatta with skirt

Another off the shoot style which can make you appear cool and trendy. This is seen as a popular style among-st youngsters today.

Crop top with Saree

Crop top with Saree

This is a perfect fusion. One could see this as a trend over the years. There is in fact a stream of ready made blouses or crop tops available these days taking over the pain of doing the tailor rounds.

Gown Saree

sania mirza gown saree

This is a very nice trend which makes you appear traditional with a modern twist. The gown saree is growing popular day by day and is today a very nice fusion dress for any formal occasion like marriages etc.

Peplum with dhoti

dhoti pants with peplum

A peplum top with dhoti is a good trend these days. You can wear it anywhere you are free to wear informal. They do not make any heavy wear but at the same time increase your style manifold.

Lehenga with overcoat

lehanga with coat

A style which ones belong to formal or an informal pant is now worn with a lehanga. This is like a long shrug but looks really awesome. It is already a part of your memory if you go back to the last few weddings you attended.

A-line Kurta dress

a line kurta dress

Earlier a kurta now a dress is the new trend. Time really changes and brings forth some evident changes. You can wear it anywhere like walk to the park, a school PTM or an informal gathering. A nice style that looks cute if accessorized well.

Saree with off shoulder blouse

Saree with offshoulder blouse

This is another style which is gaining a lot of popularity and fetish. Women are liking the style being pulled in with sarees. A lot of women are right now smitten by this style and it actually adds a lot of oomph to your simple saree. A blouse anyways is able to do a lot to a simpleton saree, so why not revamp your style this year?

Hope you enjoy trying these styles as much as we loved sharing them with you. While our cultures mixed a lot earlier with western styles, it is now the time to witness a change in clothing styles.



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