10 Ways to Style Short Hair


10 Ways to Style Short Hair


This again is a summer post. Many girls get their hair shortened in summers. But the problem crops up when you have to style them. Its true that longer hair can experiment a lot but there is no dearth of styles for short hair either. Whether you have ear-short hair or a boyish cut or have shoulder-grazing hair, these looks are for you-

Ringa Ringa Roses


how to style short hair

Seriously to me, this hairstyle looks like shiny roses in the hair. Hair have been curled beautifully to give a playful yet elegant look. If you are good with styling, try your hand at this one.



short hairstyles

Show off your thorny side with this short hairdo. Super short hair can be styled in many lovely ways and this is one of them. Some combing skills and a good hold product would do the trick.

Bang Band


short hairstyle

Jump onto the bang bandwagon if you have good hair. This look is more suited for girls with thick hair and can be sported on many face shapes.

Pouf it


short hair

Just make a tiny puff on the front and you are ready. Curls don’t matter for this look. But yes, some texture will really amp up your hairstyle.

Waves in the crowd


short hair waves

Whether you are on a beach or not, try this look. A simple way to get waves is to use some texturising spray with some holding power and then scrunch your hair. Leave your hair open and add a little more spray.



hairdo for short hair

X-Men aside, you can flaunt this hairstyle to look super chic and mysterious. Apply some shine serum on hair and style them like this to be the eye-candy.

Cute Buns


ways to style short hair

You can flaunt this simple ballerina bun easily. Flip your hair upside down and tie them in a top knot. If you are messy, then turn it into a messy bun.

Edgy Hair


haircut for short hair

I love this asymmetrical haircut. It is a sure shot way to look hot. This look is more apt for college goers but I believe that anyone can get it.

Floral Look


short hair accessory

Feeling lazy but want a makeover? Simply put a big flower clip in your hair and you are ready in a blink. Cute look that screams style.



buns for short hair

Another savior for lazy beauties. You can experiment a lot with hairbands. You can pull all your hair back, leave a few strands or do a retro style.

Which is your favorite hair style?

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  1. sooo this post brks d myth dat only longer tresses can look sexy…. (Y)
    Maitri from do u get d ideas for ur posts ??

    • Though I like long hair but still I keep my hair short to medium as they r easier to maintain:)
      Ideas to kabhi Ana k and kabhi mere. Thanx

      • am trying to grow my tresses longer… Anamika being the inspiration behind dis… i really fancy her hair 🙂


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