10 Ways To Use Neem Leaves In Beauty And Health


10 Ways To Use Neem Leaves In Beauty And Health

Neem leaves have been existing since ages in every ayurvedic book or palette of knowledge as an essential ingredient for all treatments and medications. Since ancient times, people have been using this plant and its leaves for various health and beauty benefits. Today’s modern world which is more about cosmetics and artificial products due to the advent of science and technology usually ignores the natural products. To this effect, I am bringing to you today some useful ways in which you could use the neem leaves in your daily lives and have some benefits to your health as well as beautification. The best part about using the natural products is that they do not harm us, i.e. we need not worry about any kind of side effects of these products.

benefits of Neem_Leaves

Health benefits

Neem leaves are very effective on viral diseases. These are used to treat viral diseases like herpes, chicken pox, small pox etc. as these are resistant to the viral attacks and prevent them from penetrating into our bodies. Making a paste of these leaves and applying on effected areas in case of herpes or chicken pox helps treat the disease. Bathing with boiled neem leaves water is also very beneficial in case someone is affected by any of these viral attacks.

Neem leaves are very effective on sores and eczema etc. as well. If someone is suffering from any kind of breakout, applying a paste of neem leaves helps a lot by reducing irritability and rashes on the skin.

Neem leaves are also known to be great blood purification agents. Drinking neem leaves water (boiled) also helps in controlling problems like high blood sugar or blood pressure.

Neem leaves are also used to treat diseases like Malaria. Chewing neem leaves directly is said to be a very successful cure of the disease. Also, keeping crushed leaves near the affected person helps in curing the diseases effectively as well.

These leaves are also considered very good for curing a problem like arthritis. Neem leaves oil massage is a proven cure for the same and similar muscular pains.

Beauty Benefits

Moisturizing the skin becomes easy with neem leaves. They provide benefits like softness and clean skin with regular use. Mixing it with anti-bacterial properties of turmeric, makes a cure for acne, and any other skin wounds.

neem as moisturizer

Neem leaves also cure acne which is a prominent problem today. Making a pack by straining boiled neem leaves and grinding them is a good cure for acne.

It can also be used for toning the skin. One can store neem water and use it for months as a toner to clean overnight.

It would also prevent any kind of blemishes to occur and take care of oily skin as well.

One can also use a face pack made of yogurt, honey, milk and neem leaves to cure acne, open pores and dullness of skin in an effective way.

 face pack

Neem leaves water can also be used to cure dandruff, scalp itching, flaking, white hair etc. by rinsing hair off after shampooing.

hair care

I am sure you would now be regretting purchasing some expensive products for curing many a diseases over these years. Nevertheless, we should be glad now to learn that there is more to neem leaves that can be used and we know it now!

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