10 Weight Loss Food Available In Every Indian Kitchen


10 Weight Loss Food Available In Every Indian Kitchen

Hey Everyone! So a lot of you wanted to know How I lost weight recently and exactly what I did to remain healthy & also lose a few extra pounds! Well, I recently shared How I Lost Weight Without Exercising & How To Do Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight and you can have a look at these posts and you will understand all about this way of losing weight! So, as promised before I am here with some basic ideas on what you can actually eat for effective weight loss or just by eating healthy food to keep your calorie intake in check so as to become leaner!

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Well, I have a list of 10 Weight Loss Food Available In Every Indian Kitchen which are really helpful if you are looking for weight loss without depriving yourself and these are some really healthy choices for your body!

Moong Dal

sprouted moong dal

You can easily find it in your kitchen and it is also very easy to digest. You can take a handful of moong dal and prepare it with veggies & have it as a soup! It is filling for the tummy really beneficial for your fitness journey!



Beetroot is one vegetable which you can have daily and it also constitutes to the fiber content need by the body and along with that it is rich in several minerals as well. Have it as a salad or drink it as a juice!


Another common vegetable you should include in your diet if you are looking for a healthier intake of food is cauliflower. It is low in calories and can be eaten in many ways like pancakes, cauliflower rice, as salad and as a common Indian sabzi!


10 benefit of spinach

Spinach is also a must include food in your daily diet! It is extremely rich in iron and has low calories so you can have it everyday in different forms! You can add it in your smoothies or prepare a soup with veggies! You can have as the famous Indian dish of Palak Paneer!



It is rich in and keeps you fuller for a good time so that you don’t feel like eating! When you are feeling hungry just much on 7-8 walnuts and your hunger pangs will be satiated with something really healthy!



Eggs are really great food for any weight loss diet and I always prefer to include these in may daily diet. These are low in calories and keep you full for a long time so you do not always feel like eating something! Make sure to include eggs in your lunch/ breakfast routine!


cinnamon water

Cinnamon sticks are really great ingredient which are known to boost the metabolism! You can add it in your food in powder form for faster absorption by the body! Also you can add it in your go to detox water to keep your body feel lighter & kick start your metabolism to a great level!


Cabbage is another great food which you can have in your diet which adds to the fiber content needed by your body for proper bowel movement & faster metabolic activities! Add it in your salad or eat it as a soup to keep your tummy full!


mustard oil 1

The food we eat is delectable with the help of cooling oils like olive oil/ mustard/ coconut! I prefer using mustard oil but make sure to keep the amount of oil limited! You can use oils live or coconut based on your taste but don’t increase the intake just because you are heaving a healthier substitute of any cooking oil!

Apart from all these you should always try to eat fruits & vegetables which are high in fiber & water like cucumbers, watermelon, pineapples, papaya! These will help you in keeping your hunger in check while hydrating you as well for better food absorption!

mix fruit salad

Well, these were some of the best food suggestions if you are looking for healthier food items to include in your daily diet and have a fit body!

Checkout the video below to have a quick glance of what I eat and how I include all these foods in my daily diet regime! 🙂



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