10 Weight Loss Tips For Indian Women In Winters


By Prerana Sharma,

Winters are somehow more comfortable than summers, isn’t it? But this comfort may cost you. How? Winters can pile you up with extra kilos! And all this coz of the extra tea and coffee you sip every now n then u munch all day long whole winters!

You know, every one can not hire a personal trainer, right? So to maintain a particular body weight it is Imp to check your daily calorie intake. Below is the reasons girls gain weight during winters:-

5 things which makes you gain weight

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1. Eating more –

You must have read in biology that high temperature denatures digestive enzymes which lead to slow digestion in summers, so in winters foods gets digested easily and we feel hungry more often, as a result we munch more every now n then and gain extra kilos! We also become lazy to go out for walk due to chilling whether.

These are some foods (with their calorie) which are winter favorite of many..

Tea                              1cup                80cal

Potatoes                       100gm            97cal

Gajar ka halwa            100g              1350 cal    ouch…

Chikki (peanut)            100g             450cal

Mooli ka paraths          1medium paratha      280cal

Beer                              1can               153cal

Pista                              100gm            626cal

A hand ful of pistachios and 4-6cups of tea alone can give more than 1000cal, plus you will be taking daiy meal, then who will gain weight, you or your neighbour!!??

So lets chalk out a plan for winters specially so that we can exercise well and keep a track on our weight.

  1. Keep a exercise machine in your bedroom if you hate to go out for jogging, their starting range is 8000/- and some show rooms even gives discounts too in special season.
  2. If you love chikkis then opt for chana chikki instead of peanut chikki.
  3. You have to choose any one from these two aalo paratha and your dream to wear that gorgeous little black dress! If u have choosed LBD then replace the parathas coming out of a ghee bath, with bran parathas.
  4. Maida(all purpose flour) is one more culprit in weight gain, many few of us know. So try to avoid flour (maida) and have clear vegetable soup or knorr chicken soup when ever you feel like to eat something.
  5. Pista (pistachio) and kaju (cashew) are high in fats, avoid them or at least lower their intake and have more almonds…
  6. Replace potatoes by mushrooms and beans.
  7. If u feel like munching every now and then then start munching pop corn, they are healthy and act2 pop corn costs 10/- only!
  8. You can also munch high fiber fruits like guava and pomegranate in winters.
  9. Instead of masala chai (Tea) switch over to green tea which has anti-oxidant properties and is healthy.

Do you follow all these tips in winters? How do you check your weight in winters?

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  1. pistachio and cashew are indeed high in fats.. but its gud fat…
    eating handful of dry fruits every day is gud for the body.
    But it should not be roasted,baked or salted..

  2. yup not salted one …and then there is one more point which i would like to add here..

    in act too popcorns there is lot of butter..so it is better to get the roasted seeds and microwave them..

    hello Candy 🙂

  3. 😥 yesh!! see maine kya likha tha starting me.. P.S. and u ne kya kaha… “C” …
    anyways.. hum log topic se hatt ke kayeko baat karing…
    weight loss in winter..
    go to gym! and dont quit like me ! 🙁

    • ohh chooryyy!!!
      actually if u don eat after 8 then also u will not gain weight even if doesnt loose..and why did u quit the gym :O.i am thinking of joining one.

  4. i dont eat after 7 yaar… 8 to bahot door ki baat hai…
    well m just lazy!
    subah subah jaane ka mann ni karta.. and raat ko zyada lazy ho jati hu!
    perfect time ni mil raha
    but u were playing badminton naa everyday! wat about that?!

  5. i dont eat anything after 7 yaar.. 8 to bahot door ki baat hai! 🙁
    and u knw.. gym se better dance class join karne ka..
    its fun! 😉

  6. Sorry to interrupt ladies 😉

    But I thought I shall pour my feelings too…I was to say the same that having nuts is gud and popcorn has it’s own set of cal..a bag of pop corn is 200C if am not wrong ..or something like tht

    What one can do is get the corn seeds and do it at home..add little oil 😉

    But then saying is always easier ..we all know tht

    • :D:D..yup i know i use a pressure cooker, pour insome oil and popo corn seeds and close the cooker with a steel plate.this way it turns out nice.:)

    • true. say no to butter popcorn. god knows what kind of butter goes into it.and it is anti-purpose.

      popcorn kernels are easily available in any supermart. it doesnt take much time popping them in oven.

      and girls have roasted peanuts+jaggery. it helps your blood levels . of course helps only when had in moderation . and drink lemon water after eating iron rich food…the citric thing helps body in absorbing the iron 🙂

      • that is an awesome tip..i am going to do that …for sure..but thing is i always forget to get lemons when ever i go for grossery shopping 🙁

  7. oh GOD……………………….

    i hav alredy gain weight dear bcoz in MP(gwalior) the winter is gone and summer is coming…………

    now plz give a post for loosing this weight…………. 😛

  8. hi i m 29 yrs old. my height 5 feet and 3 inch. my weight is 79 kg. in past 8 months i loose 9kg. before that my wight was 88kg. but i want fast result. i want to loose 20kg in 3 months. i do regular exercise and diet. plz mail me.


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