10 Worst Dressed Celebrities At Met Gala 2017


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There are times in our life when we mess things up, be it clothes or makeup. And this is true even for our celebs too. Though they have a host of stylish and fashion designers at their service, there are moments when they undergo a fashion disaster or even a wardrobe malfunction. To err is human is something we call understand but when we see something that is beyond OTT just in the name of fashion, we just can’t help being critical. And this is just the story for these celebs who just gave a disastrous appearance at the Met Gala 2017 Red Carpet. Scroll down!



10 Worst Dressed Celebs At Met Gala 2017

  • Madonna

Well. she is one of the greatest fashion icons in the world and when she fails, it is epic. We know military fashion trend is in these days, but when it is OTT nothing looks good. And Madonna‘s military print dress is definitely not eye-soothing.

  • Kim Kadarshian

Kim Kardashian has always given us fashion goals but when divas fail to impress, we feel rejected. Kim’s dress is not the worst but definitely not the best either. This all-white dress is not complimenting her figure at all.

  • Halle Berry

We really feel sad when we term a dress worn by a diva in our worst-dressed list. And this is the same feeling I am getting right now. This dress by Halle Berry is seriously not working out. Neither this is a body-hugging dress nor a flowy one, just a weird mix of both.

  • La La Anthony

La la Anthony wore a Kylie Jenner sort of a dress at the event and this made her look not-so-impressive. Her peek-a-boo outfit with all net fabric work on it is simply not eye-catching.

  • Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner’s all-lace outfit is seriously not flattering, just a mere ‘bleh’. She tried to rock it but it turned out an old metamorphosised rock which doesn’t simply interest us.

  • Celine Dion

‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer’s look at the Red Carpet definitely made my heart stop, in a negative sense. Her first appearance at the Met Gala Red Carpet is surely a miss.

  • Oslen Twins

Well, the Bohemian look is in but definitely not to this extent. This look is out of the focus Boho and definitely not chic at any level.

  • Kylie Jenner

Well, we love her lipsticks and her metallic hairband trend but definitely not her in this look and wig. The wig is like the white cherry on top (pun intended) which is absolutely not going well with her looks. She is looking too made-up and fake.

  • Nickie Minaj

This Anaconda singer (I can remember this song only right now!) looks smoking hot in her sun-kissed skin but when someone’s dress is such a disaster, even your skin can’t save you. Nickie Minaj looks just too vampy for the red carpet.

  • Bella Hadid

Oh! Well, she looks beautiful but her dress is just too flaky if that is a word. The whole top to bottom is as if scales which includes her shoes too. And adding to that mess is her bracelets. Oh, well! This is surely a huge miss.

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