10 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions of Bollywood


10 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions of Bollywood


With a huge army of stylists and valets behind Bollywood divas, they always look perfect errr they should always look perfect. Does it happen? Noooo

They keep committing blunders. Sometime the dress is off and at others hair or makeup goes for a toss. But the tragedy is not limited to these scenarios as a thing called ‘wardrobe malfunction’ exists. Your favourite diva somes out looking perfect in every way and suddenly you notice something that shouldn’t be there.

Many times we see Bollywood ladies showing more than they mean to. I don’t think that there are many actresses who have not seen any sartorial embarrassment.

Take a look and learn so that it doesn’t happen to you-

Alia Bhatt


worst bollywood malfunction

The cute girl decided to go commando to avoid panty lines. But she ended up showing her secret to the world. It was visible on ramp that Alia has gone ‘free’.

Deepika Padukone


bollywood malfunction
The image of this girl who always looks perfect was torn apart here. It happened due to tear in her jacket. Poor girl had no way of knowing it but her staff?

Ekta Kapoor


bollywood worst malfunction
The top lady of both TV and Bollywood hit the nadir of fashion. Whatever happened to style and ‘support’? Looks like, her dress may come off any moment.

Isha Koppikar


bollywood dress malfunction

This may happen to anybody wanting to go deep. Isha went too deep with improper innerwear.

Kangana Ranaut


actresses malfunction

Kangana walked the ramp in too short a dress. The dress was surely meant to be revealing but it revealed way too much. Her ‘Fashion’ moment became real here.

Katrina Kaif


wardrobe malfunction bollywood
Shapewear is the worst kept secret of divas. Everybody knows it but nobody talks about it openly. Katrina gave us the chance to discuss the topic. But I’m still wondering about wearing it with such a skirt.

Parineeti Chopra


bollywood wardrobe malfunction

She is always bashed for her fashion sense and this time is no different. Parineeti has not lost that much of weight as she would like to think. Her dress is small for her and the rip proves this.

Prachi Desai


worst bollywood wardrobe malfunction

The girl with flawless skin turned out with a big flaw. She forgot to match her lingerie with her sheer dress.

Sonakshi Sinha


bollywood wardrobe malfunctions

Another beauty with good skin and terrible sense of style. What was she doing with a weird bra and that too under a see-through top.

Sushmita Sen


actress wardrobe malfunction

Sushmita stands tall due to her style and the way she carries herself. But the Bong-beauty forgot to cross her legs with a tiny number or maybe she forgot what she was wearing.

What do you have to say about these wardrobe malfunctions of Bollywood?

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  1. Actually Deepika’s coat had those slits in the first place… A bad sense of style but not malfunction.. she knew about it…

  2. Ekta kapoor is alwyz a turn off for me…. she alwyz dresses to be a talk of the town (in a wrong way),, god knows wen is she going to accept that its not alwyz neessary to go overboard >:(

  3. Hahaha. .Had a good laugh. I check and re check atleast 10 times before stepping out. But then wardrobe mal functions could happen to anybody..poor ladies they got caught.


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