10 Youtube Makeup Tips


10 Youtube Makeup Tips

Youtube has become a one stop answer to most of the questions a person has on his/ her mind. I mean it literally covers so much that it amazes me sometimes as to how great it to have such a powerful medium to entertain or provide knowledge. about anything.

Talking about makeup there are so many Youtube channels all over the world and everyone is working in a unique way. So here I thought of which are the best makeup tips which we commonly see from most of the Youtube channels. So here goes the top ten makeup tips from Youtube.

How To Do Everyday Makeup

makeup look for diwali

This is one of the most common makeup tip which almost all Youtube Makeup Gurus suggest on Youtube. This being very interesting because each of them have their own perception about how to apply an everyday makeup which looks natural and not overdone. Right from the lipstick shade to the eye shadow/ colored eyeliner you will get to see new looks and tricks to apply everyday makeup in a unique manner.

How To Use Beauty Blender

The Original Beauty Blender

The first step to applying a flawless makeup is either by a makeup brush or a beauty blender which is a great way to blend the foundation of base on your skin to make it appear even and flawless. Many youtube channels show the exact way in which a beauty blender should be used to make the face appear natural and not cakey after foundation application.

How To Conceal Acne

Kryolan Brush on Concealer Shade 06 Review+foundation review

Acne is a major concern for every women. There are already enough tips to get rid of the beauty woes in a natural way but if you have a special occasion coming up then you definitely need to cover up the acne marks for a beautiful flawless face.

Applying Mascara with A Spoon

Apply Mascara With Spoon

Mascara Application is yet another difficult task which most beauty experts preach about. Some struggle in applying mascara on the lower lash line and always smudge it on the face in the attempt. So the youtube tips actually show how to apply mascara with the help of a spoon without smudging it on the under eye area.

How to Apply False Eyelashes

how to wear false eyelashes

False Eyelashes are really the raved makeup items as it instantly makes the appearance glamorous. False eye lashes is like a makeup boon for those who have sparse lash line and who struggle to apply multiple strokes of voluminizing mascara in order to make their eye lashes look attractive. Well, false eyelashes need to be applied with care and precision to make them look flawless and natural.

How To Apply Blush

high beam highlighter benefit

Applying blush is still a tough task for many as there are so many people who are not aware of the right spot where they need to apply blush to make it look the most natural as per their face shape. So, you may see so many tutorials on how to perfectly apply blush with youtube videos.

How To Highlight Face with Makeup

Highlighting is the new rave with so many actresses and celebrities going gaga over the latest makeup fad. Highlighting gives a natural glow to the face. It tends to highlight some features of the face so as to give a sculpted look to the beautiful features of the face.

Basic Contouring Makeup

contouring and highlighting

Contouring makeup is yet another makeup trend which you can easily spot on Youtube and there are so many tips related to it. Contouring tends to give a chiseled look to the face. It gives a toned look to the jawline, hollows of the cheeks nose bridge to make it appear slimmer. You will find a number of makeup tips related to contouring on Youtube.

How To Perfect The Winged Eyeliner

winged eyeliner with liquid eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is still ruling the trends and there are so many who are just not easily going to ditch. But there are so many who want to flaunt the winged eyeliner look but end up with different wing shapes on each thereby failing miserably. So you will definitely find a number of makeup tips to perfect the winged eyeliner look!

How To Apply Smoky Eye Makeup

Brown wearable smoky step by step tutorial

Smoky eye makeup is one of the most favorite eye looks when it comes to looking glamorous and sensuous. The smoked effect of the eye shadow gives the illusion of the shade on the eyes making it look very natural. Smoky eye makeup is very easy and so you will find so many makeup tips on Youtube related to this! 🙂

I hope you like these Youtube makeup tips!

Have you tried any of these makeup tips from Youtube?

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