Amazing benefits of Coconut Water for Skin, Hair & Weightloss


Coconut Water Amazing Benefits I remember having coconut water for the first time when I went to Goa three years ago. It was such a delight to have it after knowing how beneficial it is for our body and skin. Coconut water became the next best thing after the holy water of the Bob Jesus Church for me from that day onwards. Coconut is a wonder fruit that provides numerous benefits to the skin, hair & body. It is amazing to know that it can help get relief from stress, provides better immunity, improves digestion and strengthens metabolic activities of the body. It is also very effective in heart problems like blood pressure and maintaining cholesterol balance. Just like coconut fruit, coconut water too is very good for health & beauty. Coconut water is the clear liquid inside the young, green coconut fruit. Ripe coconut contains less liquid than the unripe coconut.   coconut water

Coconut water benefits for Skin:

Improves complexion-

Coconut water is known to lighten skin tone and helps in improving complexion. It is also effective in preventing acne and works on the blemishes & dark spots very well. Coconut water when applied directly imparts an instant glow to the face.

Natural moisturizer-

It is the best moisturizer nature has provided and is very effective in keeping the skin hydrated in humid weather. As it has very light consistency, it is best for oily skin as it reduces the oiliness of the skin and can be used all over the body.

Keeps the skin hydrated-

Being extremely rich in electrolytes and anti-oxidants it keeps the skin well hydrated and maintains electrolyte balance and the skin is radiant and glowing eventually.

Removes sun tan-

Coconut water is also very effective in removing sun tan by using it with fuller earth’s powder which is a natural face pack and regular use can remove tanning to a great extent.

Prevents skin problems-

Coconut water is known to have anti-microbial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties which keeps all the skin infections at a distance and protects the skin.

Coconut water benefits for Hair:

  • Prevents hair loss-

Coconut water being very rich in antioxidants, which ensures proper blood circulation, is helpful in reducing hair loss by increasing the density of hair and strengthening hair follicles which prevents further damage and breakage.

  • Excellent conditioner-

Coconut water is very good for dull, frizzy & lifeless hair as it nourishes the scalp and moisturizes the hair follicles making unmanageable, unruly hair soft and smooth. It can directly be applied to the scalp before head bath or shampoo.

  • Prevents hair problems-

Due to the anti-fungal properties of coconut water common hair problems like itchy scalp, dandruff and flakes does not exist.

Coconut water benefits for Health:

Coconut water contains sugar, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants in very good proportions which ideally makes it one of the most useful drinks. Fresh coconut water is enjoyed by many people as an alternative to different beverages like sodas, various juices and health drinks.

  • Maintains blood pressure-

Coconut water contains electrolytes such as potassium, which is already known to balance the sodium electrolyte balance, eventually helps in reducing blood pressure level. It is found that vitamin C & magnesium present in coconut water also trigger blood pressure to a normal level.

  • Good for stomach-

Coconut water is very good for the digestion process which itself is the best way to keep many diseases far away. It helps to fight constipation by flushing out waste from the intestine. It keeps the stomach clean and free from intestinal worms which are harmful for the body. It keeps the body well hydrated so there is no adverse effect on the functioning of kidneys and reduces any chances of kidney stone formation.

  • Reduces heart problems-

Coconut water is devoid of any amount of fats or cholesterol and contains anti-oxidants known as phytohormones. These hormones are known to widen artery walls and restrict the formation of plaque which prevents any chances of heart diseases.

Helps in losing weight-

It is the best workout drink for people dealing with weight gain issues as it is packed with many nutrients, minerals and electrolytes and is ideal to include in the weight loss diet. Also because it has no fats and cholesterol in it, still it is very beneficial for the body, makes it a great liquid supplement for those who are conscious about their weight. Image Source: 1

Do you like Coconut water ? How do you use them in your routine?

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