Beauty Hacks of Vicks


Beauty Hacks of Vicks

Hi Peeps! Vicks vaporub and beauty? This is what you are thinking right! Well read this post and see how useful this home available product is. I was myself not aware of many properties of this useful product as it can cure a lot of problems that we struggle to deal with. You would get to know as you move along this post. So, read on these Beauty Hacks of Vicks!


Acne and Breakouts


Yes! Could you ever imagine vicks could function in this way? I could never imagine that vicks could heal the acne and breakouts until I groped more into it. Experts say that the eucalyptus oil in this product helps to heal the problem from the root. One needs to apply this product and leave it on the acne to dry. Repeat it multiple times during the day, say close to 4-5 times at regular intervals and you would see magic!

Toe Nail fungus

toe fungal infection

You often get those dirty toe nail fungus which keep bothering you for days. Well not any more. Try applying vicks vaporub on the same and see it take care of the fungus. It would turn it black until it dries out completely off your skin and your nails are fine again.

Stretch Marks

stretch marks

This one is surely going to catch your attention. After babies, we all find ourselves struggling with those ugly marks but often we succumb to it and give up. Well you do not need to. Just apply vicks vaporub on your skin and see the difference.



Experts believe that of all products you use specially during winters, vicks can give a tough competition to most of your moisturizers. You can apply it during winters while you move out and feel how it keeps your skin from being dry.

Cracked heels

cracked heels

Got cracked heels? Well try this. Apply vicks while sleeping on your heels and cover with socks. You would wake up to better and healed heels. Repeat it for a few days for complete cure.

Fat accumulation

fat accumulation

If you have accumulated fat on your legs or abdomen, you should be happy to know this trick. If you apply vicks over the problem area, you would soon witness shrinking fat. Yes! it is a medically proven technique that helps to reduce accumulated fat. So, it saves you on those nasty workouts and pills, eh?

Hope these beauty secrets help you win over your problems using a simple application of easily available at home remedy. Vicks has always been a necessity for cold, cough, migraines etc. but who could have thought that it could come in handy for such useful purposes a swell. Apart from these, vicks is a useful solution to many other problems like treating ear pain, bruises etc.

If you apply it on a fresh bruise, with a salt, you would find it heal and go away sooner than you could imagine.  It also helps a lot in your muscular pains. If you have a pain, try using it and covering the area with a bandage or a warm towel. You would find the pain leaving you soon.

Hope you liked this post. Do share your views and opinions. Also, if you have any other use which we might have missed for vicks, do share. Take care of yourself and keep smiling 😀


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