Best Of Lush Shower Gels & Jelly Reviews


 In our previous post we covered best of nyx blushes  and we have been compiling our best series to make it easier for you to chsose from the ocean of  product reviews here:)

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and lets start the Monday morning with a chilled watermelon juice and best of shower gels 🙂


Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel Review

  • Price – Rs 340 for 100gms

The product says that it is a “mellon yellow hair and body gel with freshly squeezed grapefuits “and I completely agree with description .I did try to use it on my hair and it did its job averagely but  consumed lot of product so I didn’t wash my hair again with it.As far as body wash is concerned it works amazingly.It doesn’t dry out my skin and neither does it leaves a thin film behind which many of us find gross.

I find the strong citrusy fragrance so kicking that I have stopped using my other body washes all together.It’s kind of mood enhancing and refreshing.Fragrance of this product lasts for half an hour or so and my whole bathroom smells of it after I am done with my bath.

Lush Olive Branch Shower Gel
Lush Happy Hippy shower gels reviews

Lush Grass Shower Gel Review

  • Price &  Quantity: 100gms for INR 620, 250gms for INR 1220

I like this shower gel for the memories it evokes. I don’t consider it as a must have. Infact I feel like there would be a lot of people who may not like this scent. Its an acquired taste as they say and it’s something that one would either totally like or not like at all. So all I can say is….Take a whiff of this and then make up your mind…


Lush Dirty Shower Gel Review

  • Price & Quantity: 100gms for 530 INR, 250gms for 1015 INR, 500gms for 1740 INR

I usually tend to use minty shower gels/creams in the morning since I’m perennially drowsy in the mornings; but this is one which I use in the evenings too. Its not zesty like a lime scented gel but is refreshing nonetheless. A huge plus point of this gel is its deoderizing properties. Apart from doing it duty as a body cleanser, this also strips away the sweat and grime and gives me a squeaky clean feeling. If anything, I would rate this as a must have this summer…Trust me.


Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel Review

  • Price & Quantity: 100gms for INR560, 250gms for INR 1100, 500gms for INR 1990

I LOVE this shower gel..I repeat..utter, total and unabashed LOVE!! I don’t understand why I never bought it before and will forever be indebted to the lady who was sniffing it when I entered the store without whom I’d have never even looked at it…actually I may have looked


Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel For Body And Hair Review

  • Price – INR 74O  for 240gm.

Initially I found its fragrance pretty strong so afterwards I started diluting the lotion with water which gave the right kind of fragrance which I was looking for. I used loofah while using it on my body and it lathers brilliantly and about raspberry size of lotion is more than enough to cover up whole body.

The smell lingers on for an hour or so – making me feel as if a snow fairy is standing by my side this winter Grin. 240 gm of product will last for more than two months if used every day .


Lush Olive Branch Shower Gel

  • Price & Quantity: 100gms for INR580, 250gms for INR1070

I absolutely love this shower gel..Where I do love sharp zesty scents as well, the fact that this is more relaxing and just more wholesome (I know its weird to use this word wrt a shower gel, but still..) has won me over. It puts a smile on my face and gets me all ready to start the day..and this is quite an accomplished considering that I leave the house at 7.30am Wink

Additionally, the olive component in this also is a huge part why I like this. Pure citrus gels tend to dry out my skin. But this olive cream part of it retains the moisture and make it a pleasure to use.


Lush The Jilted ELF Shower Jelly Review

  • Price – INR 470 for 100 gm (I got it of 235 100gm from the ongoing online Lush sale)

Why I like The Jilted ELF 

  • It’s fun using  jelly soap and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft which almost all lush products do.
  • It has spicy clove and citrusy fragrance which I simply adore although due to its  strong clove fragrance some of you might detest it completely.
  • It has vegan ingredient and Lush has included this tub in their returnable policy.yeyeyye! I now have five empty pans of Lush Smile


Lush The Joy Of Jelly Reviews:-

  • Price:3.5 oz: $5.80 and 7.0 oz: $11.60

When I bought it I had no clue how to use it, and after trying it 2-3 times in the shower I was very irritated and angry. The product kept slipping from the hands and went down the drain.Then I tried using a loofah and God!!! I was so happy Grin It lathered really nicely.

Lush-Jelly-Joy-Of-Jelly-Reviews+lush shower jelly reviews

We will keep updating the post as and when more reviews are added into it.Yesterday ! Zara Colorbar I -glide eyeliner  in Saphire was added to best of blue eyeliners 

Happy week ahead beauties 🙂


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