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 We have been covering many NYX Blushes and giving them in contest and giveaways too.While browsing back all the NYX  blushes I selected few shades which many of you will be interested in.As our content keeps on growing every day we will keep adding more blushes link , pictures and swatches to build a whole NYX blush guide for you.

Similar post will be  followed for all the eyeliners, lipsticks , lip pencil etc.This way you won’t have to swim in the pool of the reviews 🙂 Hope it helps you all 🙂

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NYX Rouge Cream Blush Glow Review

  • Price: 650 INR / $6.50 (which roughly translates to 290INR)
  • Quantity: 3.5g

This is the most highly pigmented cream blush I’ve ever come across. Just a single swipe is sufficient. The blush is intensely creamy and one has to be very careful using this. It would not work to use this as a normal blush or else rest assured, we would look like clowns.

nyx rouge cream blush glow review and swatches+nyx Cream blush glow review

NYX Cream Blush 07 Red cheeks:-


One needs just a tiny dab of this cream blush otherwise chances of ending up looking like a clown is quite high.One just has to touch the blush with your finger or q-tip and apply it on your cheeks like the way we usually do.It’s really creamy , soft and smooth and requires a bit of blending.
What you can see in the below pictures is more than enough to get the natural rosy flush.

NYX-Cream-blush-red-cheeks-swatches+BEST OF NYX BLUSHES

NYX Blush Dessert Rose Powder Blush Review:-

I love the way it gives me healthy pink flush which seems as if coming from inside. :beauty: The staying power is awesome it easily stays 5-6 hrs and then fades gradually in a nice tint. I think it would suit all skin tones and for medium to dusky skin tone like mine it’s perfect for getting those rosy cheeks.

NYX Dessert rose powder blush reviews and swatches

NYX Powder Blush in Silky Rose: Review, Swatches

  • Price:$6 (But this available for cheaper on other sites like Cherryculture, nonpareilboutique, etc)
  • Quantity:5.2g

I use a normal round blush brush to apply this. I just dip the tip into the pan since just a tiny bit is sufficient, tap off the excess and then apply it on the side of my cheeks to the temple. I don’t apply this on the apples of my cheeks since it doesn’t look good that way.

This shade being pigmented also has to be used wisely if you are fair skinned. If you use a bit too much, then you can end up with bruised cheeks which isn’t exactly a pleasant prospect to think about. This is a shade which would easily suit dusky skin tones and give a very chic and sexy look for sure Wink

NYX-Silky-Rose+nyx powder blush silky rose reviews and swatches

NYX Mosaic Powder Blush Love Review, Swatches

  • Price: INR900 (available for INR720 on UT) or $8

As visible, this is a combination of 5 shades all of which happen to be hues of coral. The shades go from the lightest coral to a deep orange to a rusty orange which comes together as an amazing coral blush which is bound to sweep you off your feet. The darkest shade can even be used for contouring and the lightest for highlighting as one may desire. It even as some golden shimmer particles but they are quite subtle so there’s no need to fear this shade at all.



NYX Rouge Cream Blush Rose Petal Review

  •  Price: 650 INR / $6.50 (equal to 290INR)
  • Quantity: 3.5g

I love using the blushes in this range and Rose Petal is no exception. It brings a light flushed look to my cheeks and blends so well that it doesn’t quite look like I’ve applied blush at all!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try out cream blushes. This is a must have for all..

nyx-rouge-cream-blush Rose petal review and swatches

NYX Powder Blush In Peach Review

  • Price: INR 550

The blush in named Peach but there is nothing peach about it. Its matte pink which has warm undertones. So in short, don’t go buying this if you are looking for a peach blush. But, if you want a warm pink blush, this might be the one for you. In my opinion, it is a universally flattering colour.

Nyx-Powder-Blush-in-Peach_review and swatches

NYX Rouge Cream Blush Boho Chic Review & Swatches:-

  • Price: 650 INR / $6.50 (which roughly translates to 290INR)
  • Quantity: 3.5g
As with all cream blushes, this can be applied either by using your fingers, a Qtip or with a brush.  I use a Q-tip with this and dab about 3-4 times over the apple of my cheeks. Then I pat  with my fingers, blending the blush into my skin. This ensures that the distribution of product is even and smooth.

NYX Boho chick cream blush review and swatches

NYX Cream Blush Tea Rose Review & Swatches:-



  • Price: $ 6.50 for 3.5 gms on CC(Read cherry culture experience and haul ), I think I bought it for $5.50 couple of months back in discount.
  • Shelf life: 12 months. This is one thing I keep reminding myself whenever I crave for some of the other shades of this cream blush. If I buy too many I’ll end up wasting a lot of unused stock.
  • Colour: Tea Rose. In fact I bought this blush because tea rose lipstick was out of stock. Ana has reviewed it here and I so wanted to buy it!

NYX Tea rose cream blush reviews & swatches

Whats your favourite NYX Blush ?



  1. I’m still so in love with the mosaic blush! :inlove: Also like red cheeks n dessert rose n peach n…yea evrything :-))

  2. Hi..A! I want them ALL.. Xcept boho chic n blush rose petal one..

    especially mosaic , red cheeks and red rose :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :rose: :heart: :lipstick:

  3. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: oh my dis is blush overdose mrng mrng..kal exam mei i will dream abt dese :heart: all r gorgeous..i want all of dem except desert rose 😀
    gudmrngggg galsssss :yippee: :yippee:

      • me planning to just relax this weekend as had quite hectic weekends whole april .. u wont believe i met my frnd this thursday his wife name is alan nd i keep calling her ana whole day nd everytime i was like oops yeah alan… 😐 😐 😐

  4. thnx for putting them together Ana, I had been searching for swatches when i first bought my NYX blushes..this will be really helpfull to many..on my current wishlist is nyx powder blush in pinched ! 🙂

  5. What a treat Ana 🙂
    I have tea rose cream blush from NYX. The shade is really nice just that it doesn’t stay for long.
    I have dessert rose too, but it looks too dark on me.. any ideas on how it can be used?

  6. I have the powder blush in Spice, it’s a really pretty cool pink, looks great, very fresh in summers. 🙂 Red cheeks looks dangerous! LOL! But surprisingly isn’t! I’m loving the powder blushes, I really want to get more!

  7. I got a blush from nyx similar to the frst one. Dont remember the name though…dont even know where i put it…now i’m worried…..

    runns to ransack her vanity…

  8. i m new bee in this makeup world and i m still learning how to use powder blush and these cream blushes scare me…..i would learn to use them may be in years time…

    • Hey Nisha,
      I learnt using blushes recently after coming to Wiseshe.
      I find cream blushes easy to use, sometimes easier than the powder ones. So if they suit your skin, do give a try!

  9. Thanks a lot for this post!! I am looking forward to get some NYX blushes (finally!) and this post helped a lot! :rock-n-roll: :dance-left-right:


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