12 NYX Round Lipstick Reviews & Swatches


We keep adding many of the famous NYX round lipstick and to make things easier  we are compiling the shades which we have been reviewed on Wise She .We will keep updating this post as and when a new review and swatch is added to it.

Hope it helps 🙂

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NYX Round Lipstick  Frapuccino :-

  •  Price – $4

 Nyx frapuccino is a perfect nude(neutral) lipstick for me. Frapuccino is a nice light brownish pink lipstick which is peach based with warm undertones. This is a perfect example for `naturally beautiful lips` we all love to have.

NYX-ROUND-LIPSTICK-FRAPUCCINO-swatches+nyx frapuccino lipstick swatches+frapuccino lip swatches

NYX Round Lipstick Strawberry Milk

NYX round lipstick are available in some 144 shade therefore going wrong with some shade is quite possible especially when one can not  swatch them in person.Its a  barbie cool pink which has strong blue undertones and cool skin tones  girls won’t be able to carry it off easily.

nyx-strawberry-milk85-lipstick-swatches+strawberry milk nyx round lipstick

NYX Round Lipstick Power :

 It’s a pink lilac or a strong blue tone lavender shade.Its quite pigmented and I have swiped it just once here.

NYX-power-lipstick-power-swatches+nyx power lipsticks reviews +nyx power

NYX Round Lipstick Fig

Fig is a very beautiful everyday pink shade that has warm undertones. it is nothing too loud or bright and  is  soft and subtle. It looks great on fair skin girls and  staying power is 2.5 hrs.Its has become my everyday pink and I m totally loving it.A must buy according to me.

NYX Round lipstick fig swatches+nyx round lipstick fig+fig lipstick round lipstick +nyx  fig

NYX  Round Lipstick Tea Rose Lipstick & NYX Paris :-

  • NYX Tea Rose Lipstick 628– This is one of the top selling lipstick of NYX  has amplified finish and the shade is medium pink.
  •  NYX Paris Lipstick 620 – It’s a lavender pink shade which is equally creamy, hides pigmentation, glides smoothly and has velvet texture.If you compare it with NYX power lipstick shade then it is more pinkish .

nyx round lipstick tea rose and paris swatches+nyx tea rose lipstick +paris lipstick round lipstick

NYX Round Lipstick Paris Review & Swatches:-

Shade paris can be used in every day makeup and is easily buildable.I use it sometime to give my lipsnatural pink look and it hides lip pigmentation beautifully.

nyx round lipstick paris swatches+nyx round lipstick paris review+paris lipstick round lipstick

NYX Round Lipstick Pandora Review & Swatches:-

Pandora is a very very pretty color! It is a pinkish/violet/purple with frosty look. . The color of this lipstick is very unusual.. Its so hard to describe. This  color is  a multitude of shades. It is almost a metallic finish.

NYX Round lipstick pandora swatches+nyx pandora lipstick review and swatches

NYX Round lipstick Heredes Review & Swatches:-

NYX Round lipstick Heredes has an amplified  finish , extra creamy and  is quietly shiny and covers pigmentation.Heredes is a  dark  coral shade which goes well with most skin tone .


nyx round lipstick heredes swatches+nyx heredes lipstick coral +nyx lipstick heredes

NYX Round lipstick  Pumpkin Pie:-

NYX Pumpkin pie is a nude beige shade and can be a perfect nude for few.With all round lipstick of nyx one does need to exfoliate their lips well due to their creamy texture which sometime show up the dry flakes.

nyx round lipstick pumpkin pie and tea rose swatches+nyx lipstick pumpkin pie +pumpkin pie lipsticks nyx

NYX Round Lipstick Narcissis :-


This is cool undertone bright pink shade and has matte finish.Lipstick  has amplified finish and gives a little glossy look too.

NYX Round Lipstick Narcissus Review & Swatches+nyx round lipstick narcissus +narcissus lipsticks

NYX Round Lipstick Indian Pink Review & Swatches:-


NYX Round lipstick Indian pink swatches+indian pink lipstick nyx round lipstick

NYX Round Lipstick Minimalism Review & Swatches

This shade is an apricot pink with a blue undertone. On my lips thought, this quite resembles one of the L’oreal Nutrishine lippies..only more pigmented.

nyx-lipstick-in-minimalism-swatches+apricot pink



NYX Round Lipstick Milan Review & Swatches


This shade is very similar to MAC Cosmo, the only difference being that this is a bit more pink. No shimmer at all and with their trademark silky feel, this shade is a real winner.




Nyx Round Lipstick Protus Review & Swatches


Now, this is the colour, actually. It’s a warm shimmery bronze shade which actually melts and blends in nicely with my lips giving my lips a shade of shimmery pinkish bronze hue which is VERY flattering. My fair skinned mother, who has a peaches and cream complexion, also looked quite nice with this, so did my slightly yellowish-white skinned best friend. Another great thing is, this colour also looked good on my slightly darker sister, who has proper wheatish skin.






Which is your favoruite NYX Round Lipstick ?


      • Aww.. if it washed you out, then it will definitely wash me out too :-/ Heredes sounds good 🙂
        For the moment, am broke until the next month salary comes around 😛 Until then, am going to read all the reviews chup chaap 😀
        How you doing Ana?

  1. pumpkin pie, heredes, paris n tea rose looks gr8 to me! :lipstick:

    I dont have a single NYX lippy so wana try dem.. will get dem 1 day for sure! Nice compilation..A! :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :-* :chic: 😎 :silly:

  2. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: inna sara nyx lippiess mrng mrng :inlove: fig, herdes,, tea rose :heart:
    gudmrng allllllllll :yippee: :yippee:

  3. thanks ana! I wanted to buy one Nyx round lipstick this month and your blog has really helped in deciding which one to go for!!

  4. Me liked frapuccino, fig, tea rose n heredes. I’l never 4get the pic of u wearing heredes Ana….u were glowinggg n it suits u sooooo well :lipstick:

  5. :yippee: morning gals !!! morning Ana :hug-makeup: whr wr u last 2 days ??? ?:-)
    i wanna try frappucino and heredes :lipstick:
    baki sab mere matlab ki nahi hai :smug:

  6. Haha! Arrey that’s the sad part of all this. It’s just been about 2 yrs since I started with makeup and I already have a ton of stuff and I’m not even a beauty blogger.
    And because of all the new stuff that comes out every minute, we can’t even fully enjoy what we already own. It’s pathetic 😉


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