101 Natural Beauty Secrets


101 Natural Beauty Secrets

We shells thousands on beauty products every month. We are constantly experimenting with our skincare products in the hope to find out that one perfect product. And the result is, wrinkles, early ageing of the skin, etc. And all this happens cause most f the beauty products that we use has some sort of harsh chemical or the other in it. Which in the name of skincare, actually harms our skin beyond repair.  So if you are indeed looking for beauty solutions why not try the naturals methods. They are safe and you can whip them in matter of moments. Plus they do not contain harmful chemicals.

So ladies today I am going to share with you some of the easiest and most popular natural beauty secrets.

Natural Coffee Body Scrub

coffee body scrub

It is as simple as it sounds. Just take some freshly grinded coffee beans and scrub away to a beauty glossy sensuous skin. Coffee contains antioxidants that enhance the quality and texture of your skin. And leaves your body smelling heavenly. For an even better experience you can mix in the coffee grinds with some melted dark chocolate.

Natural Skin Whitener/Bleach

cucumber juice for skin

Suntan, attack of pimples or acne or any other skin problem can leave behind marks of blemishes. In this case instead of going for chemical bleaches try this at home. Take equal parts of cucumber juice (grate the cucumber to squeeze out the juice) and fresh lemon juice, after you have washed your face properly, apply this mix all over you face and neck. You can reapply a few coats if you want. leave it on for a few mins and then it off. Both the ingredients are known for their bleaching property. Plus the lemon also acts as a excess sebum controlling agent. So it leaves your skin feeling fresh, squeaky clean an fairer.

Banana mask for hair conditioning

mashed banana face pack

If you happen to have dry uncontrollable frizzy hair then try this mask. Just mash a whole banana well and apply the mix onto your hair. Wash it off after say 15 mins. This will make your hair so soft and smooth that you won’t stop touching it. So instead of shelling hundreds trying to find the right conditioner try this.

Natural Scrub For Dark Elbows and Knee

Take half a lemon, sprinkle some sugar on it, an rub this on the areas. Doing so regularly will get red of the darkness, and give you soft, fairer elbows and knees.

Natural Face Wash

gram flour

Stop going nuts about which face wash should you buy. Try gram flour for a squeaky clean skin every time. All you need is a teaspoon full of gram flour and water, either mix them directly on the palm of your hand or you can use a bowl. Gram acts as an excellent cleanser as well as a scrub. With time will also notice the blemishes fading away.

Aloe Vera Magic

If you are having problems like dry skin, sun tan, skin rashes, blemishes, etc, then aloe vera is the answer. Just scoop out some of the jelly inside the leaf and apply it directly on the face. It acts as a natural moisturizer, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and is an antioxidant.

Colour your hair naturally using henna and coffee pack.

If want a rich brown hair colour then you can try this pack. Just take 8-9tbsp of dry henna powder(depends upon your hair length) 3-4tbsp of coffee powder and I and ½ cup plain yoghurt. Mix this up and apply on your hair. Wash off after an hour and a half.

Treatment for brittle lifeless nails


Just soak them in olive oil for a while and wipe it off. Olive oil is full of vitamin E that helps with the brittleness and makes your nails look healthier and glossier.

For super soft hair

Take 1:2 ratio of castor oil and coconut oil, heat it a bit and then apply it on your hair. You can leave it overnight or wash off after a few hours. Make sure you massage it properly into your hair. Both coconut and castor oil have moisturizing properties that will make your hair super soft. Regular usage helps with hair growth an prevents problems like hair fall an dandruff.

Honey mask for instant moisturisation

honey for acnes & spost

Simply take a teaspoon of raw honey( you can get them in the organic food stores) and rub this on to your face and neck. Wash it off after 10-15 mins. You will get a soft hydrated glowing face in a matter of minutes.

So these were some of the natural beauty secrets that you can try instead of spending thousands on artificial chemical products.

Which secret are you planning to try out?

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  1. Hehe! Nice post dear!
    I thought you had mustered up the will power to jot down an exact 101 pointer list in natural beauty! Hihihi!!
    Silly me!
    And such a nicley woven post!

      • Honey mask is what i do atleast twice a week!
        Plus i use a thin layer if forever’s aloe vera gel as a primer beneath my makeup! It works pretty astoundingly! 🙂

          • Yes, it does! But only for the 20-30 seconds after application. Once it has settled up and dried, it imparts such smoothness!
            I, for one, even mix my bb cream with a dab of aloe gel and use it as a base! Nothing else required! 🙂


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