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Saree being the most traditional form of Indian apparel as always been a favourite. I am sure you all also cherish all your sarees in your closet. Often we have memories associated with our saree purchase at least I can vouch for it as I have been purchasing sarees all my life till now on various occasions like my marriage, my sister’s marriage, karvachauth etc. and so on. So, it is like one saree for one occasion 😀

But these days it is more about creating memories every time you wear a saree. So the trend has changed from traditional form of pleating your saree to wear it indifferent and style defining ways.

It has been in trends since long, since the Lakme Fashion Weeks took them really seriously for the innovative styles, to be precise. I am here today to share more styles that you could try which are now a days in trend.

Saree with Tunic

Tunic saree style drapes by Masaba and Payal Singhal

This is a latest trend which has replaced the traditional blouses with long waist covering tunics. These have been trending too well and you can spot them in most traditional functions these days. One could style any kind of drape with these tunics front or back and be free of any kind of discomfort that is usually associated with wearing a normal blouse.

Saree with leggings


This one is another innovative way taking out the traditional petticoat out of the picture and giving it an ultra-modern twist making it the dress as per the century we are living in. A total style with oomph that can add volumes to your simple saree look and take the traditional outfit leaps high in western surroundings.

Saree Gown

saree gown

We have seen it lately and is very much trending these days. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Sonam Kapoor are all donning them in style all over the places they go. It is quite simple to put on and is great in style which makes it much in demand.

Cape Saree


This one is a growing rage right now. You would find it all over the place if you are quite keen on knowing the social scene and page 3 stuff. You should check out the same. Sonam Kapoor is seen carrying it with all her oomph.

Sarees with color pleats

Sarees with color pleats

This is another latest trend these days in sarees wherein the pleats are of a contrasting color to the rest of the saree. One can ensure a great look thanks to this saree type.

Dhoti Saree


This saree type has been on the scene since a long time but there are new trends and colors making way for themselves these days.

Saree with long trains

saree with long trains

This one is also a nice trend which has modified the look of the saree. In this type, there is a long train other than the pallu which follows you like it is in Christian wedding gowns usually.  It is a nice trend added to the saree making it look westernized.

I hope you liked these trending fusion sarees as these are quite popular and in demand these days with more and more styles that can definitely appease you and make you popular amidst your known. Do try these as the wedding season is right around the corner and you definitely can rock the season this year.


  1. Sarees have been around for a long time, since the time of ancient civilisations in various variations. This timeless and ageless apparel of beauty continues to be a women’s favourite attire, especially designer sarees, for any festive occasion, enabling women to flaunt her feminine appeal.


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