101 Quick Makeup and Beauty Tips


101 Quick Makeup and Beauty Tips

I often end up being late whenever I start getting ready. No, I don’t sit and apply makeup for hours or change dresses a hundred times to see which suits me and which doesn’t, but somehow I get late every time.


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When it comes to beauty, we have all got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves. I’m the sort of person who prefers to sleep instead of spending time doing makeup step by step, and sometimes these tips just come as saviors.

So here are a few tips and tricks which I completely love and save time too.

  • This is the trick I often follow and it really works. When I don’t have time or the will to do a full face makeup I just apply a bright bold shade of lip color. The color will brighten your face and will divert the attention from rest of your face.


red lips- no makeup

  • Don’t have time to do eyes properly? Just apply a white/beige colored eye shadow on the inner corners of eyes and see the difference it makes.


L’Oreal Paris Color Infaillible Eye Shadow- Hourglass Beige review

  • False lashes without actually applying false lashes. Dip a q-tip into some baby powder and coat your lashes with it, then apply coat/coats of mascara. Voila..!! Your “falsies” all set. This hack will give you longer and fuller looking lashes in no time.
  • This is my favorite trick. Mascara to line lower lash line. When you are in real hurry and don’t have time to follow every makeup steps, just take out your mascara and start super close on your lower lash line, touch the waterline as you apply mascara. By doing this you are applying mascara on your lower lashes as well as lining your lower lash line.




  • Did your mascara clump? And you don’t have much time left? Just take your clean toothbrush and run through your lashes to remove the extra product. No needle, no tweezers and no time required.
  • Say goodbye to towels and use a normal dry t-shirt to dry your hair. On doing so I have found that my hair dries much faster, there are much less frizzes and no tangles at all.
  • When there is no time for a hair wash and your hair feels greasy, just dust some talcum powder onto your hair brush your hair. This will remove excess oil that is deposited on your scalp and will save you from having a bad hair day. You can use dry shampoos as well.


dry shampoo


  • The last one is my absolute favorite trick which makes my hair longer and fuller in just a minute. Brush your hair well and take a section of your hair at the top of your head and make a clean ponytail. Then put the ponytail aside and make another below the previous one, right a little above your neck. Just make sure both the ponytails have equal amounts of hair. Then bring the first ponytail over the second one and fan it out and brush the two ponytails well. See the results yourself.
  • You are on your second day of hair wash? No worry. Use bandanas, glittery accessories add instant glamour to any hairstyle and will hide imperfections as well.
  • I often apply nail polishes before going out. Because thats the time when I realize that my nail polish is chipping. But how can you get nail polish to dry faster? Run your nail polish under cold water.


nyx mini nail polish


So, try these tips and tricks when you are in rush and let us know how they work on you.

Do you have more makeup and beauty tips and tricks to share?

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