Rajasthani Bride Makeup Tips


Rajasthani bride makeup tips

Rajasthani brides are the most closest to traditional Indian looks. If you talk about modern brides, they choose to be very less made up. Like almost a no-makeup makeup is what they prefer which is what was prevalent during traditional times. If you have seen Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar, you would exactly know what I mean. Though she portrayed a Rajasthani bride, she is way too fair. Rajasthani brides are all about wheatish tones, firm and stringent features with stark features and defined eyes. They also want to remain close to natural looks like I shared about Gujarati brides.

rajasthani bridal makeup

These brides are also supposed to be bejeweled as per the customs and traditions of the state. The jewelry is all specific to the state with Polkis, studs, pearls and gems. Regarding their attire they are decked up with heavy lehengas with a lot of gotta and stuff that makes their attire attractive and beautiful.

Since the attire and the jewelry take up most of the value, the makeup usually is kept simple and close to natural. The brides have a great advantage of having features that speak volumes usually like large eyes and defined jaw lines. It is therefore, not required to highlight the areas where the jewelry would actually cover them. The big nose ring covers the entire side of the cheek it is on to and the teeka known as rakhri covers the forehead well with its side strings going to the sides of hair.

rajasthani makeup review

The makeup is usually toned down to balance the sparkling makeup well. A usual bridal makeup includes eye shadow of a simple tone matching the attire – usually the colors chosen for bridal outfits are green, golden, red, maroon etc. Since the jewelry and the attire itself is unique it does not demand any support from the look, the bride and her natural look sways the audience.

Regarding the hair, the look usually entails a comfortable bun or a head back hairstyle to hold the Rakhri well. For the face, matte base is used entirely. This keeps the face without shine so that the duskier skin tones also feel comfortable in their own skin without being flashy. Perfect care is bestowed to see that the cheekbones and face only expose the natural highlights or at least the makeup does not look too much for the ensemble.  The Kohl and mascara usage is a little deliberate and generous which is to mark the existence of those big eyes which need little pampering on the special day.

With this ethnicity, the brides dress up with a simple bindi, elegant makeup that is near to natural and the makeup suiting the complexions. The fairer ones go for a peach pink look while wheatish ones go for earthy tones of makeup to be close to their respective natural complexions.

There is no ambiguity in saying that they make for a perfect epitome of beauty when it comes to traditions being followed. Rajasthan is the only place where ancient jewelry and looks are followed with true patronage. The look is unique to them and gives them a unique identity. The more closeness to traditions look and the unique royal feel is definitely from the state of Rajasthan and no one can take it away from them.

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