11 Beautiful Pink Powder & Cream Blushes Review & Swatches


Lets have a look at some of the beautiful pink blushes reviewed by Zee πŸ™‚


MAC Breezy Blush

The blush is a sheertone shimmer finish and the color is a raspberry pink shade with a pearlescent shimmer to it.

MAC Breezy Blush Review & Swatches+MAC Blush beezy swatches+MAC blush breezy

Maybelline Dream Mousse Touch Blush No.5 & No.7: Review, Swatches

No.5 is a rose pink shade whereas No.7 is a pink shade but with a hint of mauve. Both have a shiny, almost frosty finish but once set it doesnÒ€ℒt look soÒ€¦So no worries of the blush looking greasy . The shimmer is also very minute and hardly even visible.

Maybelline dream touch blush No5 swatches+Maybelline dream touch blush no 7 swatches

NYX Rouge Cream Blush Boho Chic Review & Swatches

  • Packaging: This blush comes in a pot with a see-through flip top lid. The lid is a a plastic one and although its sturdy, I would suggest not to put much pressure on it since it may come off.
  • Pigmentation: Like most blushes in this range, this is highly pigmented and just a single swipe is sufficient for a cheek. The blush is intensely creamy and buildable. This is good for starters to use since its not easy to go over board with this.


AVON True Color Blush Hibiscus Review & Swatches:-

This blush, although soft is texture is a very blue toned pink. The blue undertone is quite strong and this is why I thank god for the tiny shimmer particles. Although no concentrated, this shimmer is what keeps this blush from making my face look ashy. Surprisingly, the tiny shimmers in this actually last a while and makes me look fresh and lively.

AVON True Color Blush Hibiscus Review & Swatches+HIBISCUS COLOR BLUSH AVON BLUSH REVIEWS

MAC Fleur Power Blush Review ,Swatches & Photos

The color is a warm pink shade with a hint of mauve. When swatched on the fingers it looks like a pinky-peach shade but when applied on my cheeks, it takes on a faint mauve hue which looks quite lovely.

MAC-Fleur-Power-blush-review and swatches+MAC Fleur powder blush+MAC blush fleur

Inglot AMC Liquid Blush 87: Review & Swatches


The color itself is a light pink with obvious blue undertones. It doesnÒ€ℒt have any shimmer or glitters.

Inglot-Liquid-blush-87-reviews and swatches+87 inglot liquid blush+inglot liquid blush

Inglot Freedom System Blush Shade 38 Γ’β‚¬β€œ Review, Swatches


This is a pink shade with a deep blue undertone. It does have some shimmer but its quite subtle and suitable for work as well since its not too obvious or blingy.


Inglot-Freedom-System-Blush-38-review and swatches


Bharat & Dorris Blush No.4 : Review,Swatches

 This blush can be best described as a rosey pink shade and is heavy on the pinkÒ€¦ It has no shimmer at all and is great for daily wear.


Bharat & Dorris Blush No.4 Review & Swatches+rosy pink shade



Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush in Classic Pink: Review, Swatches

This shade is a peachy pink shade which can be layered to have either a lighter shade or a deeper tone as desired.


Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush in Classic Pink: Review, Swatches


Bourjois Blush in Rose Frission Swatches & Review

This blush is a lovely satiny rosey pink. When I use this I instantly look like IÒ€ℒm blushing and my cheeks take on a rosey hue which I looooovveee!  Its unlike any other blush shade I have and I treasure this like crazy. I rely on this shade to make me look more Γ’β‚¬ΛœawakeÒ€ℒ in the morning especially on Mondays


Bourjois-Blush-in-Rose-Frission-blush review and Swatches


 Whats your favourite Pink Blush ?


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  5. I love Breezy and even the Maxfactor one…U know I started using blushes only after reading ur articles Zara…ur obsession has now rubbed off on me…BTW next time we go Mac hauling I will definitely try to pick up a blush

    • Oh definitely…dolly mix is one heck of a blush…so intensely pig,ened…the first time I used it ki looked like a clown..ow thankfully I’ve gotten the hang of it πŸ™‚

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