11 Benefits Of Eating Spinach Leaves


By Prerana,

When ever I  hear  someone talking about dieting the word green leafy vegetable is always mentioned. Do you know why Green Leafy Vegetables are so important? Because they have nutrients in them more than in anything else! However  many of us stay away from spinach saying “yak, it is not tasty” but the fact is if we eat Spinach  we will definitely succeed to have a great body without compromising with any of essential nutrients for our health,

let me sum it up what I learnt while doing my simple bit of  research


Benefits Of Eating Spinach


1.Less Calories, Fat Free, Cholesterol Free –
The main attraction for girls is, it has less calories. So no putting up of flab around your tummy if u eat Spinach in large quantity. It is full of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients.

2. Full of Nutrients –
Spinach has abundance of Vit K, Vit A, magnesium, folate (that is Iron), calcium, Vit C, Vit B2, potassium, and Vit B6. It is also a great source of protein, phosphorus, vitamin E, zinc, dietary fiber, and copper, and good amount of selenium, niacin, and omega-3 fatty acids are also present, ie., all in one product.

3. Less costly and found abundantly -With so much nutrient filled, it is not costly at all and can be found any where..

4. Many dishes from Spinach can be made -Do u know Spinach is more nutritional than lettuce! So you can now have in salad too.
If u don’t like to eat it raw then cook it lightly (palak paneer) or even u can add it in soups..

10 benefit of spinach

5. Be Young Forever –We all get scared hearing about wrinkles isn’t? Spinach is stuffed with flavonoids which act as antioxidants which protects the body from free radical formation. Researchers say there is 13 different flavonoids present in Spinach that act as anti-cancer substances.

6. Be strong like Popeye the sailor man -Oh Popeye, Help me !! :D:D  Popeye instantly develops muscle and super strength as soon as he eats a can of spinach and rescues his girl friend. The moral of the story is Spinach is capable of making our immunity strong so that we don’t get ill often.

7. Low BP problems – As I said, I mean it is proved that Spinach has lots of antioxidants in it, the antioxidants keep cholesterol from oxidizing and saves blockage of heart’s arteries. Folate is also good for cardiovascular system, and magnesium helps to lower high BP.

8. Gastric Troubles – Spinach add to your good Gastrointestinal health. All your gas problem can be solved with spinach.

9. Keep the old age problems away -Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine headaches, and asthma are checked out by spinach as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies shows that eating green leafy vegetables slows the age-related decline in brain function.


Importance of eating spinach

10. Prevents Cataract -Do u know about lutein? I didn’t :(.It is a carotenoid found in spinach that is very good against eye diseases of  dadi ma’s such as cataracts and all. Make sure your old age granny eat Palak every now and then 🙂

11. Compensate your loss of blood every month -Because Spinach contains lots of Iron (which is a component of hemoglobin) so it helps to carry large amount of oxygen to all body cells, and helps the body in producing energy. Your menstrual loss of iron is also compensated by the Iron in Spinach..

To prove that I have started eating Spinach regularly  I made this spinach-pumpkin ki sabji today 🙂

Spinach Sabji +Pumpkin And Spinach Sabji

Some Precautions :-

  • People who have kidney or gallbladder problems should be careful about eating green leafy veggies. The oxalates in spinach sometimes interfere with the absorption of calcium.

So all you can say is a balance diet should contain Spinach in it, it is a complete beauty food. But at the same time you should be very careful to wash it properly before cooking because  it has high amount of pesticide in it..Here I may give you a tip, how to wash leafy veggies properly :-

  • Take a big bowl full water, add 2 big spoon full of white vinegar + 2big spoon full of salt. Soak the greens in this mixture for 30min, take it out and rinse / wash with cold water, the leaves of greens will be absolutely clean…
  • While storing the Spinach in fridge, do not store it in plastic bag, and instead wrap it in paper and then store. Veggies produces moisture, so if it stays in plastic, the moisture will rot the leaves, while paper will soak all moisture..

Hope you enjoy the article as much I loved writing it 🙂


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  1. Looks like Prerana is taking VERRRYY good care of herself 😎 😎


    I have a very interesting sabji recipe of tofu and spinach .Its nutritious and very very healthy.will share it some time..:)

  2. I love spinach, other than dal and palak paneer you can also try korean spinach side dish recipe (google it) very easy and tasty too.

  3. I love spinach!! a few years ago, spinach soup was the first thing I would drink every day.. I had this routine for some 6 mnths – by the end of the 1st four weeks – I had pink cheeks! No need for blusher 😀 :D.. Maybe I shd start this routine again 🙂

  4. :X-P: :X-P:
    haan and i know u were on diet and was thinking of exercising every day 😛 how is the progress 🙄 🙄

  5. i dont like spinach.but my hubby lovs it n he insists me to eat all healthy food.i lov junk food muchso i can eat spinach pakkora. :wallbash:

  6. Oh my mom makes palak ki daal and it tastes yummmm…

    ANu why are you not posting your recepies anymore :pain: I like your easy to make tasty to eat recepies..no fancy ingredients is added star..


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