11 Bollywood Celebrities’ Photos In Their Childhood


11 Bollywood Celebrities’ Photos In Their Childhood

We are habitual of seeing our favourite actors as grown-ups but have you ever imagined that how they looked as kids. Whatever they may be doing now, Bollywood artists were adorable cuties in their childhood. Some can be recognized quickly while others have changed a lot.

Get ready to be surprised and saying ‘so cute’ as you go through Bollywood celebrities’ photos in their childhood-

Alia Bhatt

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (2)

Starting with the young heartthrob, I present a pose-y picture of Alia. Even though her face is thinner now, you cannot mistake those eyes. I must say that she was trendy back then as well.

Anushka Sharma

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (4)

To me, she is the most easily recognizable celebrity in her yesteryear photos. Every feature is same, even the eyebrows. The girl is 27 years old now but she looks too similar to her baby-pics.

Deepika Padukone

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (5)

Those innocent eyes can melt any heart! Little Deepika looks so adorable and makes me want to pinch her cheeks 😛

Kareena Kapoor

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (6)

She was a plump kid. Her dress is making her look even cuter. Kareena also looks a lot like what she is today. Who would have thought that she will turn into a sexy diva.

Katrina Kaif

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (7)

Cuteness personified is what Katrina looks like here. She is also easily identifiable given those tiny eyes and lovely lips. I wonder how she will look now in similar hairsyle 😀

Priyanka Chopra

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (9)

No one could have even imagined her as Miss World! Here she does not look much like her older self but again those big, lovely eyes have remained constant.

Parineeti Chopra

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (8)

And here is the younger Chopra sister with PC. Parineeti has not taken help of cosmetic procedures and looks exactly like how she looks like now.How cute is her smile!

Ranbir Kapoor

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (10)

My fav of the current lot! Those arched eyebrows and dreamy eyes are a dead giveaway that the smart boy in this picture is Ranbir. He looks a lot like his mother.

Sonakshi Sinha

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (12)

This girl is definitely a copy of her father, even their chins are identical. Sonakshi looks good but different from her current look. I wish she chooses some good movies now.

Sonam Kapoor

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (1)

The stylish diva looks every bit of stylish even her teenage picture. Sonam hasn’t change much and even her sister Rhea looks similar to her grown-up face.Not to mention Anil Kapoor, who isn’t getting older even now.

Ranveer Singh

bollywood celebrity childhood pictures (11)

He loved to go shirtless even as a child. I’m sure that he was super naughty as a kid. The picture shows that he knew how to grab attention even back then.

 Who is your favourite Bollywood celebrity?

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