11 Celebrities Who are Rocking The Boyish Eyebrows Like a Pro


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It is time to say goodbye to those thin and fake eyebrows and embrace the natural eyebrows which we are born with. The concept of beauty is changing by leaps and bounds and trust me, people are accepting girls with their un-waxed hands and bushy eyebrows. And we couldn’t be happier!


There was a time when thread-thin eyebrows were everyone’s favourite but now, people are more into those bushy ones as they are not only natural looking but also gives shape to our face and makes it more prominent. So as per the trend, we thought to share with you all some of our ways to create those natural looking eyebrows and also give you people a list of celebs that are rocking this look. Keep on scrolling!



Boyish Eyebrows + Celebs rocking the look!


  • How to create Boyish Eyebrows?


Well, if you are blessed with naturally thick eyebrows then you are lucky but if you are not, then my love, here are some tricks with which you can definitely outgrow them and make them look all boyish and natural. Here’s how!


Use a spooley- If you want your eyebrows to look full but not OTT, then brushing them up is the easiest thing to do. For this, you can use a spooley brush or even a washed mascara wand.

Fill in the arch- If you have naturally arched brows and you want that straight look for that boyish brow trend, then just let some hair strands grow on the arched area and then start filling them up.

Get a pomade- Brow pomade and brow mascaras are the next big thing as they help to make the eyebrows look more prominent and fuller in comparison to the powder and pencils.

Clean it up- When opting for a boyish brow, make sure to clean the excess hair at the ends. Boyish brows tend to look messy due to its thickness but if you clean up the excess, it will compliment your eyes, not dominate it.

  • Celebrities who have boyish eyebrows:

Kristen Stewart


The Twilight saga actress is known for beautiful skin and boyish brows. She is flaunting her beautiful trendsetting eyebrows right from her Bella Swan days and we love her each time.

Kendall Jenner


She looks too feminine to have boyish brows but when we see her straight brows, we think twice. Kendall Jenner has a kind of bushy brows that are not OTT but definitely not sleek and slim.

Deepika Padukone


She is my favourite of all time. Her big smile and her boyish brows go hand-in-hand making her Deepika Padukone, the most successful actress today in India. She has naturally thick brows and she doesn’t shy away in flaunting them.

Salma Hayek


The benefit of having thick eyebrows is to do a smoky or dark makeup look like a pro. This is the exact way to define the friendship between Salma Hayek and her thick bushy eyebrows.

Priyanka Chopra


Our very own Priyanka Chopra has serious eyebrows goals for us. Her dark hair compliments her slightly lighter eyebrows which look absolutely natural and prominent.

Lilly Collins

Lilly Collin’s eyebrows are naturally thick and boyish. She looks absolutely feminine and beautifully perfect in those not-so-perfect eyebrow shapes.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is always flawless in her brow game and we love those thick eyebrows that she flaunts with a poise.

Emma Watson

This Harry Potter girl is surely giving us some statement brow vibes with her medium-boyish brows that look natural yet sculpted.

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney has a very naturally dark hair and so it is quite difficult for her to be all bushy without looking messy, But this lady is all goals for this and has the perfect eyebrows on her face.


Beyonce is not only a fashionista but a trendsetter too! And look how beautifully sculpted her eyebrows look. She has blonde sort of hair but her eyebrows are a tad bit darker which makes it really awesome and flattering.

Cara Delvigne


Cara Delvigne was one of the pioneers of this thick eyebrow trend and we are definitely not complaining. She wears those bushy eyebrows like a fleek and we love seeing her like that.

That’s all folks!

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