11 Elle 18 Colorbombs Lipstick Swatches


On one of my recent hauls I came across these Elle18 Color Bomb Lipsticks that had been released a while back. They were pretty inexpensive at 100 bucks and there was a plethora of shades to choose from. Being a college student, I don’t really get to wear lipsticks that often which means I just stick to the tried and tested glosses, so giving these a try seemed like a good idea. While trying to select which ones to buy, I swatched some on my hand and clicked pics so that I could share it with you guys.

elle 18 lipsticks reviews and swatches

This post isn’t much of a review since Ana has already reviewed them earlier. I love the fact that these are smooth and easy to apply, not too drying, affordable and come in a variety of shades. I just wish they were more pigmented and stayed on a little longer. All in all, I am pretty happy with my purchase, since it just cost me Rs. 100 each. This way I can experiment with various colors before splurging on the High-end brands.

The shades I bought are Roasty Red and Baked Peach. As you can see these colors look very warm and pretty in the hand-swatch, but once applied on lips look pinker than expected. Even Roasty Red doesn’t look red at all. That is because these are not very pigmented when applied and give sheer coverage. Since my lips have very strong pink undertones and these lipsticks are not pigmented at all, the pink/mauve of my lips tends to dominate. So, these lipsticks will surely look different on different lips.

Swatches Roasted Red & Baked Peach

Elle 18 roasty lipstick,  Elle 18 Baked peach lipstick,


Elle 18 Lipstick Baked Peach on my lips


Elle 18 Baked peach lipstick on my lips

Elle 18 Lipstick roasty red on my lips


Elle 18 lipstick Roasty Red on my lips


Spice Ginger, Iced Chocolate, Berry Crush, Pink Fever, Jamn


Elle 18 apple spring lipstick,  elle 18 berry ice, straberry falls,  Lucious lipstick ell 18


Swatches- Apple spring, Berry Ice, Strawberry Falls, Luscious Lilac,


Elle 18 spice ginger ,  elle 18 iced chocolate elle 18 berru crush,  elle 18 pink fever,  elle 18 jamn,


Which elle 18 lipstick is your favourite?


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  1. I am loving spice ginger and iced chocolate…. yummy …. 😀
    Wow.. we have one more ‘pout-mati’… :-* :lipstick:
    Nice lips Swati girl

  2. loved roasty red & apple springs!
    I used to have one called ‘candy shop’ – in the old packaging – loved it…. now that its discontinued….. I cant find a dupe!


  3. I have tons of fine lines but it does nothighlight them…may be because it just gives a sheer wash of color, instead of opaque coverage.

  4. i have strawberry falls, Baked peach and apple springs. love them all.. :tap-dance: :tap-dance: though I need to reapply after about 2 to 3 hours, they are still worth it. this has been my most recent purchase of mine from Cosmetix and I plan to pick more of these for sure and with cosmetix delivering in just 2 days, these are going to fill my makeup basket for sure soon


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