11 Home Remedies For Fair Skin



11 Home Remedies For Fair Skin

Though tanned looks and contouring are taking over the makeup trends, but craving for fairer skin tones is never an old story. Some girls are blessed with a fair skin tones and some are not. I personally feel that one should always take pride in oneself and do not compare but this does not mean that one cannot try to change things that are in hand and achieve the desires of oneself.

So if you are someone who too have a secret craving of a fairer skin tone but have given up after trying all cosmetic measures, today’s article is absolutely for you.

Try these tips to achieve a fairer skin and at the same time have a healthier skin:



honey hair care


Honey is one common and an old stuff for skin care and this too works for achieving a fairer skin. There is nothing much that you need to do, simply take a teaspoon of honey and massage your face with it for a while, let it be on face for 10 minutes before you wash off. Repeat this twice a day and see amazing results within a couple of weeks.

Rose water


natural rose water


This is not a new find. Rose water is well known for its skin lightening properties. I would suggest to use homemade rose water rather than that available commercially. With your homemade rose water wash your face and also apply it regularly on face as a toner.

This will not only give you a fair complexion but also give you natural pinky blushing cheeks.



papaya for skin


Do not be surprised to see this fruit in this list. While this yummy fruit is amazing for your health, it too works well for your skin. It is quite a popular fruit that helps in tan removal, but it too works effectively in lightening skin.

Take some mashed papaya and apply it on face. Leave it on for 30 minutes and the rinse off. This process needs to be done thrice a week for almost two months to see some evident results.



greek yogurt beauty benefits


Massaging regularly on a daily basis with curd gives a fairer skin. This will also remove tan and at the same time cleanse your face really well.



Herbs For Beautiful Skin And Hair -BASIL


Basil also known as Tulsi, is a sacred plant according to Hindu Mythology. Tulsi is well known for its medicinal properties and little is known about its role in beauty care.

Grind some tulsi leaves and apply them in face directly without mixing it with anything. Allow it to sit on face for some 5 minutes before you wash off with lukewarm water.

Doing so will not only lighten skin tone but also cure facial skin problems.



lemon juice DIY skin freshner+skin care product


Lemon juice is a great bleaching agent and can work wonders for your skin. Apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice on your face daily. Evident results will be there in 15-20 days of regular usage.



turmeric for skin


Simply mix in turmeric in your regular face packs and notice fairer skin over a month’s period.



cuucmber for under eyes


Cucumber is a great calmer. Ever wondered how does cucumber works for dark under eyes? Just as it works in lightening dark under eyes, it too works nicely for lightening skin tones and removing dark spots.

Grind a cucumber and apply it on face as a face mask. Leave for 20-30 minutes and wash off.

Coconut Water


coconut water


Just as you relish the goodness of coconut water, splash some on your face too.
Wash your face regularly with coconut water or apply it regularly just as a lotion on your face to have a fairer skin.

Tomato Juice


tomato for under eyes


Like lemon, tomato too has great skin lightening properties. Simply cut a tomato into two halves. Now take one halve of the tomato and rub it on face for 10-15 minutes and let it sit for another 15 minutes. Now wash off.



potato for under eyes


Potato too works well in getting a fairer skin, though it takes a bit longer than the other tips mentioned here. You can apply potato juice or grated potato as a face mask to achieve fairer skin.

These were some chemical free home remedies that over the years have proven their ability of making skin fair.

Have you used any of these home remedies for skin lightening?

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