11 Kryolan High Gloss Lip Shine Swatches & Powder Blush Palette


Kryolan Hi Gloss – Lip Gloss

This lip gloss has special Mica based pearl pigments that give an extraordinary radiance. It is available in 13 vivid shades to suit all
skin tones. It’s water proof and comes off easily with a dual phase makeup remover.

  • Price – 735 for 10 ml

Kryolan High Gloss shades available are as follows:-

  • Cherry blossom

  • Magnolia

  • Indian summer

  • Sunrise

  • Catwalk

  • Black cherry

  • Star fruit

  • Blue lagoon

  • Apricot

  • Candy

  • Crystal rose

  • Fairy

  • Toffee

The colours really look amazing and they have a brilliant shine to them. As for the applicator well its like a nail polish applicator
with a long wand. The packaging is also very stylish. Looks like glass but its high grade PVC.

 Swatches – Toffee, Crystal Rose, Transparent, Candy, Apricot, Blue Lagoon, Star Fruit, Black Cherry:-

Kryolan hi shine lip gloss toffee+crystal rose+trasnparent lip gloss swatches

 Candy, Apricot, Blue Lagoon, Star Fruit, Black Cherry

Kryolan lip gloss black cherry star fruit blue lagoon apricot candy swatches

Swatches –  Cat walk, Sunrise, Indian Summer, Magnolla, Herry Blossom,

Kryolan hi shine lip gloss cherry blossom+Magnolia lip gloss+Indian summer lip gloss

 I saw the Kryolan Powder blush palette also but couldn’t swatch it as they didn’t have the tester with them :(.You can still have the idea of the blushes .

 Shade (Lto R) – TC1, TC2, R19, T1, T0,R6, SH.RED, 081, 075, R9, 665G, Lake, SM, SH Brown

Kryolan blusher palette swatches+Kryolan powder blush photos

 Kryolan Powder Blush Palette shade 6656, Lake, SM Swatches

Kryolan 665g+Lake blush+SM Blush photos

 Kryolan Blush R19, T1, 081, 075

R19, T1, 081, 075 Kryolan blush photos

Kryolan Blush TC1 & TC2


Kryolan TC1 ,TC2, b6,SHRed blush

 Have you tried any of the Kryolan lipgloss or blushes?


  1. Wow!!!! luk at that blush palette..it luks amazing…Zara would go all ga ga over it..the lipglosses luk amazing as well except the blue one of course..don’t want blue lips…I wish we had a Kryolan store here..

    • @Parul Hi there. Kryolans are Pro Make up range. The blue and yellow glosses are to either make a shade cool toned (using blue) or make it warm toned (using yellow)… :lipstick: This is the best palette worth the money!!!! Thanks Ana!

  2. I want that blush palette..hw much is it for chris?? :lipstick: :yippee:

    N the lip gloss luks so yummm n thick!A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! :tap-dance: :-* :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  3. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: blush pallete is just gorgeous……. its heavennnnnnnn O:-) mere hyd ki shopping list dis goes 😀

  4. hi all sorry I sent the review in a rush for all of you to see and forgot a few things. sorry..

    Yes Ritika all matte shades. 4000 for the entire palette.

    All glosses are priced at 750 for 4 ml.
    Emm blue lagoon is a true swatch and looks as vivid and blue. I saw a lady there wearing it. She had blue on the inside and star fruit on the outer part of her lip. The glosses are amazing. Looks similar to lipglass and go on smoothly and come off easily too. i loved fairy..beautiful iridescent – u can see different pearly colours in different positions. something very different.

  5. In Mumbai the store is in Oshiwara , Meera society near Oshiwara police station /near Mega Mall, New Link road. Its attached to beauty palace. Store number – 9619850194

    There is also one in Crawford Market – 1st floor Umrigar Building, above Badshah cold drink house. 9930131353 / 02223441980

    Bandra Store – Silver pearl building, Shop #2, opp Harley Davison showroom,
    Waterfield rd, near red box cafe. 9819171010
    Email address – [email protected]

  6. How in the world did i NOT see this post?!?!?! i mean…seriously?!!??! this is ridiculous! the one post i cud never have missed!

    A! i want d blushes!!! saare ke saare! plssss!


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