11 MAC Paint Pot Photos & Swatches

MAC Paint pots are creamy and light weight and blend easily. They are a good buy for those who need a long lasting eye shadow base and more so paint pots give quick wash of colour. One can build up the shade as desired and they do not have a tendency to fade much.
Below are eleven paint pots swatches from their permanent collection
  • MAC Paint pot Rubnesque – MAC described this shade as a golden peach with loads of shimmer in it.It can be worn alone and I think it will go best on people with yellow undertones.
  • MAC Paint Pot Indian Wood – This is a warm bronzy gold shade and moment I saw it I knew I had to buy it.I did a bridal makeup look with this one which you might like to check.
  • MAC Paint Pot Constructivist  – It’s a copperish brown with subtle shimmer. This shade is going to suit fair complexion girls better I believe. Looking at the shade all I can think of is using this all over the eyelid and Rubnesque in the inner corner of my eyes. Just too pretty.
  • MAC Paint pot Bare Study – It’s a  warm shimmery champagne shade .
  • MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre – It’s a matte beige shade and can be used as an eyeshadow base which I don’t think will change the eye shadow shade but not too sure about it.
  • MAC Paint pot ground work – A soft brown shade
  • MAC Paint pot Quite Natural – It’s a beautiful dark matte brown shade and I so love using it on every day basis.If you are a working woman where you can not wear much of makeup then this is a good bet for sure.

Swatches – (LtoR) Rubnesque, Indian Wood, Constructivist, Bare Study, Soft Ochre, Ground Work, Quite Natural

7 MAC Paint pot swatches Rollickin Black ground girls friendly


  • MAC Paint pot Painterly– The most talked about shade amongst you tube gurus  as  it helps in intensifying the eyeshadow and is used as an eye shadow base. It’s a creamy beige shade .
  • MAC Paint pot Girls friendly -It’s a matte pink and it’s definitely cool tone
  • MAC Paint pot Black Ground– It’s a shimmery black shade for smoky eye base.
  • MAC Paint pit Rollickin –  A blue aqua shade with shimmer.

Swatches(LtoR) – Ground Work, Quite Natural, Painterly, Girls Friendly, Black ground, Rollickin

MAC paint pot swatches Painterly ground work soft ochre swatches

Swatches(LtoR) – Rubnesque, Indian Wood, Constructivist, Bare Study, Soft Ochre, Ground Work, Quite Natural, Painterly, Girls friendly, Black ground, Rollickin


MAC paint pot mini reviews MAC paint pot constructive, Indian wood, Rubnesqv
11 MAC Paint pot swatches


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  1. i am looking at Blackground……actually had Barestudy long ago and then threw it as it hardened…Realised that it needs some heat to melt and glide on skin and then repurchased Champale collection’s Vintage Selection and Dangerous Cuvee (LE) and now have Groundwork and Constructivist………..Long story….

    Very happy with them though…I always try to scoop them out with a warm or hot side of the spoon!

  2. Nice swatches. I do love paint pots a lot. They give the color a real pop and e/s stay longer. My fav out of all these is rebenusque and blackground and constructivist and offcourse painterly.

  3. I love the how glamorous indianwood and rubenesque look :inlove: ….the other to make it to my top three would be groundwork…these would go well with out indian skin tones na?

    Am I the only one who does not like painterly at all? :sidefrown: It looks too ashy and one-dimensional to me! :shutmouth:

  4. ana …..i have indian wood and blackground paint pot……i m eyeing constructivist since ages……but just not sure wen to buy it…….and next on my list is rubenscue and nubile paint pots…….painterly is also there on my lsit but it can certainly wait……..

  5. o god all of them look nice.. i would love indianwood and the soft ochre .. the bare study would be something tht would make any party shimmery eye a breeze to achieve. awesome these look.. just hoping MAC was cheaper..

  6. These are beautiful! Thanks for the swatches – I own Indianwood, Rubenesque, Painterly and Bare Study. I use Painterly almost everyday but the others are quite neglected. You have spurred me to find ways to use them now!!


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