11 Make-up Mistakes That Make You Look Older


“The more makeup you wear, the older you’re going to look,” Don’t let your makeup make you look older!  Have you ever been told such a thing? If so then you should be reading this article and if not then too, read this article

Most women develope a taste for makeup in their twenties and at that age it’s ok to experiment and wear loud colours because you have youth on your side but in the thirties it is but natural that your complexion will change along with your hormones and along with that so also should your taste in makeup and your make up routine.

Many of us just aren’t sure how to minimize fine lines, dark circles, and other signs of aging in a way that’s fresh and flattering and thus make make-up mistakes that make us look older than our age so below are a few pointers for you to follow.


makeup mistakes which makes you look older




  • As long as your skin is well-hydrated,  it will look much more youthful than an obviously covered complexion. Gentle exfoliation and moisturizing are a must.  Putting makeup on top of skin that hasn’t been primed only makes dryness, flakiness and large pores more obvious. A thin layer of a silicone-based makeup primer can fill in lines and pores, allowing the makeup to look flawless


Powder :-

  • Powder is fine for reducing shine on the nose and the chin, but on other parts of the face it exaggerates wrinkles and can make skin look too dry.  Unless your skin is very oily, powder can make it look chalky and ashy, giving it an aged appearance.


Wrong Foundation Shade

  • The wrong foundation or one that is paler than your natural skin tone can settle into and highlight the very lines and creases you want to hide. If your skin tends to be dry, look for moisture-rich formulas with hydrators such as glycerin, dimethicone, and sodium hyaluronate or go with a tinted moisturizer. Look for warmer colours with luminescent particles so that  light-reflective formula can make the skin look like it’s glowing.


Bad Eyebrows:-


  • Brows that are too thin give you an older look.  To avoid adding years keep the shape you have and tweeze only the strays under the brow bone


Mascara on Lower Lashline:-


  • Mascara  on the lower lash line can emphasize dark undereye circles making you look tired and older.  Keep mascara and eye liner to the top lash line only to open up the eyes.  Coat your top lashes with the blackest black mascara you can find and it will make the whites of your eyes look clearer and whiter.  Curl your lashes to make your eyes look bigger—and therefore younger and when lining your upper eye lid make the line thicker toward the outer corners, where eyes have a tendency to droop as we age.

 Concealor & Blemishes:-


  • Concealer, the most awesome thing to cover blemishes. Now why is that a problem? Well, the skin under the eyes gets thinner as we age, making thick cover-up look like concrete. You cannot use the blemish concealer under the eyes but you can Use a sheer formula to camouflage circles. Tap on with a concealer brush and blend with your finger for the most natural finish

Fading Natural Lip Line:-

  • Your natural lip line can begin to fade as you age, which makes lipstick more prone to bleeding and feathering and deep pigmented matte lip colors have no softness them.  The solution is to go softer. Use a lip liner or a stain in a dark color you like, then blend a balm over it or coat it with sheer gloss.

 Chosing Wrong Brown Shade


  • Most of us like to use brown.  Be it lipstick or eyeshadow.  We often think of it as an office clour but beware, some neutral brown eye shadows and lipsticks may have too much gray in them, a color that may leave a tone generally called ‘ashy’. Browns should have warmth and a little red, like cocoa.


Shimmer In Makeup :-


  • Ah, the latest fetish with us Indians.  Shimmer.  Limit application to your brow bones and the top of your cheekbones, where light would naturally hit the face only.  Avoid anything that’s heavily frosted or has large, glittery crystals

 Wrong Blush Application:-


  • Blush.  When you apply it, it should look like your blushing.  It should not be a streak nor a stripe of color.  It is unnatural and looks harsh.  Avoid this by blending the color with a kabuki brush. You can also try a cream blush or a cheek stain which you may have more control over and can easily blend with your fingersApply the blush on the highest point on your cheekbones, not too close to the nose, and lift it upward with a brush that’s large enough to cover the whole cheekbone. A neutral rose color flatters all skin tones and really brightens up the face.


  • Another thing that Indian women are crazy about these days,  bronzers.  Do u know that bronzers contain large particles of mica, which can be drying?  Your skin looks parched, old, and cakey rather than tanned.  If you so need to you a bronzer then just apply a light dusting of powder bronzer on your temples and just along the sides of your face. Use a kabuki brush to create a subtle glow — not a glaring announcement that you are just back from a TANNED holiday in Goa.


Remember ladies, do not get carried away by what you see on models.  When you shop use your brains.  Make sure you buy the right color by dabbing samples on your hand and stepping out of the department store to see them in better light.  The lighting inside is the mall is orange and unflattering and you’ll be able to see the difference between good and bad colors in natural light.


What are some of the mistakes that you have rectified over the years? Do share it with us.

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  1. woahhhh :yes: sooperb post chirs :-)) you really are a darling 🙂 you always come up with really helpful and informative posts :hug-makeup: me loves reading them :clap:

  2. Great post! All the points were spot on!
    Another thing I’ve noticed with Indian women and their love of shimmery substances is that they love metallic blushes. I had a hard time finding a matt blush or one with only a slight shimmer. Metallic blush can make you look older. While its convenient to use one, Its always better to use a matt blush and apply shimmer over it where light falls naturally (as mentioned in the post above) to give a natural glow.

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