11 Nars Blushes Reviews & Swatches


If you think that NARS blushes are expensive and you don’t need them in your life then think again. Nars blushes are nothing less an investment or I should say they will be your solitaire which will always stand out in among all the beautiful stone which you own.

11 best nars blushes for Indian skin tone+11 best nars blushes

I know I know! I and Zara have tempted you quite a lot with these and now it time to have a round up of all the Nars blushes which we have reviewed here.Also, If you ask me which one is your favourite then I won’t be able to answer that as every piece is beautiful in its own.I am just too much impressed by their texture , shade and color .:heart:

Price Of Nars Blushes – $28  approx

NARS Montenegro Blush:-

This shade is described as a rich mahogany shade on the site. It looks very flat and uninteresting in the pan or so I thought. But once its applied it can totally change your mind. I know this coz it changed mine. I never dreamt this shade could look as it does.When I use it,  it comes off as a lovely berry shade which can be blended easily and gives me that ‘fresh as a daisy’ look. Initially, I thought it would made me look a tad bit dull but this is not the case. My face looks all glowy and fresh when I use this. Its the kind of shade which would suit both light as well as dusky skin tones..Extremely versatile.

NARS Montenegro review and swatches+must have nars blushes India

NARS Amour Blush:-

 Nars described this blush as a peachy pink blush. I find this to be a deeper peach with coral undertones as well. It’s completely matte which is a rarity to find amongst Nars blushes, but yet another reason why I chose this. I wear blushes to work and I can’t use shimmery ones at all. So this really fit the bill.

nars-amour-blush-review+and swatches+nars must have blushes

NARS Lokoum Cream Blush:-

This shade is a very pinky peach shade with red undertones and has a golden sheen to it which adds a oomph factor.

NARS-Cream-blush-Lokoum-reviews and swatches+best nars blushes India

NARS Dolce Vita Blush 

It’s a warm pink which is not very bright pink or light pink and has red muddiness to it. Completely Matte and perfect for giving a rosy flush to your cheeks. It’s a blush which will suit  fairer to darker skin tones easily and I like to use it during the day most of the time.

Also, I  think one needs a nice fluffy brush  to get the desired application otherwise it won’t look as natural as it can.

NARS-Dolce-vita-review and swatches+must have nars blushes

NARS Gina Blush:-

Nars Gina can be described as a matte orangey-tangerine blush. Infact, it’s a bit similar to with the only variation being that Gina is a warmer shade than Peaches. Where MAC Peaches can make some skin tones look a bit pale, Nars Gina is the total opposite. It would make any skin tone look warmer and suffused with the right bit of color.



Nars Matahari Blush:-

A beautiful matte dusty rose blush which will go  well on tanned or medium skin complexion.Just one swipe of the blush is more than enough to give that best looking natural flush and pigmentation can be easily built up.I have tried using it with a fan brush, blush brush as well as with my fingers and it worked pretty well with all the three things.

NARS-Mata-hari-blush-review and swatches+best nars blushes

NARS Mounia Blush:-

 It’s a raspberry shade with hint of red and brown and golden shimmer  albeit I don’t see anything coral in it which NARS claims it to be.

Nars-mounia-blush-reviews and swatches+best nars blushes reviews

NARS Orgsm Blush

A pink blush with peach gold fine soft shimmer in it.One of the cult favourite product of Nars .I have talked about it here and here .

Nars-Orgasm-review-and-swatches+best nars blushes

NARS Gilda Blush:-

Shade of the blush is little difficult to describe as some time I find a dash of pink in it and sometime it is more of a red alebit orangy coral shade is prominent here.On fairer skin than mine it will come out more pink I believe and I think for blue lighter skin tone Gina(Review coming soon ) will be a better choice.

NARS-peach-blush-gilda-reviews and swatches+must have nars blushes

Nars Torrid Blush

 Nars Torrid can be described as a Coral blush with golden shimmer. The shimmer is very fine and isn’t too blingey. Infact, on me, the shimmer hardly shows which is quite weird..

nars-torrid-blush-review+and swatches+best nars blushes

NARS Tajmahal Blush

 In the picture below I have swiped Tajmahal blush just once and you can easily see how pigmented it is. I make  use MAC  188 small duo fiber brush and tap off the excess before applying it and still  lot of time I find bit extra of blush on my  cheeks which I blend with my fingers.I don’t use the stipple brush more as it tends to get overly pigmented.Thankfully as blending is not a problem with it therefore I don’t find the process annoying.


Which Nars Blush is your favourite ?

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