11 ways to use your White Eye-liners


 11 ways to use your White Eye-liners


Although almost all of us use eyeliners, there are always some shades we are unsure about and hence, shy away from buying the, White is one of these shades…actually, white is the shade most nominated as puzzling because most of us don’t know how to use it for fear of looking weird and out of place.

I have been using white eyeliners quite frequently off late and since a lot of us have doubt on how to use them I thought of penning down..or rather typing out my ideas of how to use them. Pls feel free to add something or let me know if you think it wouldn’t work.

First off, this s how my lid looks sans any make up.

using white liner_naked eye

These are some ways I use a white eyeliner:


  1. As a brow highlighter

This is the most common way of using a white liner and this is exactly how I started using them in the beginning. Just draw 2-3 lines on your brow bone and spread and blend using your fingers or a brush. This not only highlights your eyebrow, but it also makes your eye makeup more prominent and vivid.



using white liner_brow highlighteing

  1. In the inner corners of my eyes


This is another simple way of using your white liner. Just dab a few dots in the inner corners of your eyes and blend it a bit. This can make small eyes appear larger and can also brightens and highlights them more prominently. Another tip is to do this when you have contoured your nose. This works a little more in making your nose look longer

using white liner_inner corner


For evening outings and parties you can use a nice shimmery white or silver as well like NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage cheese which I’ve used in the above pic.


  1. On my upper waterline


This is a classic tip to make small eyes appear larger. Tulips! U listening?!?!?!?!

Apply the liner carefully and don’t worry about it looking too bright. Remember that on the waterline, most colors must be used a tad bit darker since a thin layer always gets a bit smudged and washed off because of the eye fluids (sounds yucky, I know..)

  1. On my Lower waterline


This is another classic “Wake up” method of using it. I most commonly use it this was nowadays since I get up early to go to work and am half asleep as it is. So to give the illusion of being awake, I use a white liner on my lower waterline.


using white liner_waterline lower


The shade can also be drawn from the inner corner and extended upto ½ or 1 cms towards the outer edge and left alone without Kajal to lend a chic look.

  1. On the lower lashline


This is the perfect way to make slammer eyes look larger. Just line the lower lid (leave the upper lid plain) under the lashes and then with a smudger or a Q-tip, smooth the harsh lines and you’re done!


  1. On the upper lashline


Using White liners as a normal liner is also another option and can be done if you have the guts and want nice bright & larger looking eyes. This is so because white tends to attract light and totally makes your eyes pop out beautifully. I still haven’t the guts to use it densely and walk out but what I do I smudge it a bit with the other end of the liner or with a smudge brush or a Q-tip to make it more wearable. Another option is to use an off white liner so as to nullify the starkness of the pure white shade.


using white liner_as liner


Another tip for brightening your eyes (and this is especially for those scared of using this shade), is to draw the liner from your inner corner of your eye and extend t to just about ½ or 1 cms. Then you can use a colored liner on the rest of the lid. This just opens up the eyes and also makes your eyes seem a tad bit larger.


  1. Layering it with another colored eyeliner


This is a trick one can use not just with white but with any combination of colors. Using white is one of the options which make the eyes look wider and brighter and are great to highlight the eyes when it’s your best feature.


To start with, finish your normal eye makeup. Then, just use the white eyeliner as you normally would, but just make a thicker line than usual and don’t draw it further then where your eye line ends. The follow this with a black liner; a glossy one like Lakme’s 9 to 5 liquid liner would also be perfect for this. You can wing the black shade as well if you wish to. You’ll notice that your eyes look exceptionally brighter and pop out like never before.


using white liner_layering


Again remember that you can use any combination. My favourite is Teal and black since it looks very chic.


Below is how it would look with kajal used on the lower waterline instead of white..This looks lovely as well for the evenings.

using white liner_layering&kajal

  1. As a base for your eye shadow


Most people use white as a base for eye make up..this is specially because white provides the perfect background to all colors and every shade looks just a bit more vivid when used atop it. Also, white eyeliners tend to have a good grip and is known for making eye make up stay for a longer period of time.


using white liner_as base

  1. Can be used for shaping your eyebrows


This is basically like using the liner as a crayon for making markers. A lot of girls shape their brows at home and a white liner is best to make the border markings since its light enough, yet visible such that all strays can be plucked/ threaded without any mistakes.


  1. Can be used to create your own shade of eyeliner.



Have you ever noticed that you like a particular color of eyeshadow and wish it were a liner but you simple haven’t seen it around? Or used a wet brush to use it as a liner but realised it looks a bit too dry and flaky after a while? Here is where a white liner can help you, especially the creamy ones like NYX Jumbo pencils.


Just liner your lids with the white shade. Then, with a concealor or lip brush just dip it in the eye shadow pot you like, pat it thoroughly on both sides and then use it atop the white liner. Finally use a fluffy eye brush to just brush off any excess on the lid. You will realise that the white shade grips the color amazingly well and it looks vivid and not the slightest bit flaky even after 3-4hrs of wear.

This can also be used to create mild tinted eyeliners. For this just use lesser eyeshadow over the white liner and use the fluffy brush a little excessively to brush off most of the color. You’ll be left with a light tinted liner. Is this a creative way to use a white liner???


  1. As an eraser to correct eye make up spills.


A lot of the time while applying eye make up we tend to make some mistakes eg. The e/s extending too much above the crease, a irregularity in the shape of the eye shadow on both eyes, etc…In such cases we tend to use Q-tips or tissues…Using a White liner is another option which is quite easy in fact. To rectify e/s shapes, just draw the outline of the shape you want and then dot over the excess and blend with fingers or a brush. The white liner can also be used in the beginning to outline the shape you desire so that you can ascertain that both eyes are equal prior to starting your make up.




using white liner_corrector




I do hope this post has been of help to you and has helped in some small way. Do let me know if you have any more ideas of how to use white liners 🙂


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    • thanx A…the tinted wala tip i remembered ekdum last…the title was initially 10ways to use white liner..and then i remembered this tip and added it 🙂

    • thanx Swats…it does require guts to wear it do densely on the lashline..but even i dont wear it so densely..i use the smudger to lighten it and then go out..warna id feel too conscious..

      • no not yet, but now i intend to buy, the Hubby is in US, so can ask him to buy, do u have suggestions to buy beauty/skincare products from US which are within budget and good

        • wow! lucky gal!! u can do a big time haul infact…i suggest u just drop a mail to A so it can put it up as a separate question wala post …so many of us will be able to give gud reccos…

          budget buys are definitely Nyx, ELF, L’oreal, covergirl…

          Nyx: try their jumbo pencils, cream blushes, round lippies
          ELF: eye primer, contouring palette, powder blush, lip glosses, brushes
          l’oreal: their HiP liners r crazily good..try their e/s too
          covergirl: their lashblast mascara is a fav and their cheekers blushes hav even won an award…
          Rimmel: fix n perfect, blush, highlighter duos

          all these r gr8 value for money if u want budget buys…there r many more pretty awesome things if ur budget is a bit bigger…like benefit, smashbox, nars, etc..

  1. thank u so mucchhhhhhhh zeeee..luv u for doing dis post :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: m waiting for my relvon liner to be delivered..yipee :dance-leftright:

    • thanx Naf…when i began writing i thought i had only like 4-5 points t jot down..but then while writing all other things came to mind..to be honest even I dint kno i used it so much! 😉

      i use the revlon white liner actually…the jumbo pencil is in cottage cheese which is more silvery…i had Milk..but i had it when i dint kno wot it was or when it shud b used and had given it away 🙁 🙁 can u imagine that? no wi curse myself fr being so stupid!

  2. oh yeaaaa…sorry i meant the Revlon 1. Hehe…hota hain yaar. I too feel i wud hav made better use of many products had i discovered wiseshe then 🙂

    • Hey Sam, how u doin??

      so true..we usually underestimate white so much..but when it comes down to it, it does hav soooooooo many uses 🙂

  3. Superb Zara…… :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  4. It is absolutely amazingggg post Zara :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: loveddddd reading it and will start incorporating honey :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    • Thanx Ind…they can be used in so many ways..and m sure there r so many ways i havent even discovered….do try out a couple of tricks ad leme kno..

  5. I know that the question is not related to this review but wanted to ask if i were to buy one maybelline lipstick and the option is coral pink and hooked on pink which should i buy? ?:-) ?:-)

  6. This is GREAT!!! ZZZZZZ!!!!! Wow! That’s so so so creative!
    The way you have shown the difference – before & After is awasome! Had the pics not been there it would not have the effect.
    I so want a white liner now! 🙂
    Awsome article :))
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