12 Eyeliners To Make You Look Fab + How To Use Them Widely


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Kohls and eyeliners are a girl’s best friend especially if you are from India. Indian girls and eyeliners have this BFF-sort of relationship with an unending love affair. They can stay away from their boyfriends but not their favourite liner pencils!:-P. Kohls and liners are multifunctional and can be used in a variety of ways in your eye makeup look.


One humble kajal can turn you from grumpy to glam in a few seconds. Kohls can work as an eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelash line, on the water line and also for your smoky eye look. So it is utterly necessary to have a good eyeliner pencil or liquid or pen or pot in your makeup kitty which can make your eyes look beautiful. Presenting 12 Kohl cum Eyeliner that can turn those sleepy eyes to sexy ones!


12 Kohls to glam your look!

Sugar cosmetics blue eyeliner kajal -still got the blues


Chambor Dazzle Transfer Proof Eye Pencil Black

Price: 645 INR

The shade of the black is one of the darkest of the blacks, almost close to the colour of coal. The pigmentation is also very deep giving a great finish in just one swipe. The texture is so creamy, that it glides along the eyes so beautifully making it so easy for application but not too creamy leading to smudging.

Price: 650 INR
JUST BLACK as you can judge is jet black shade with a flat matte finish to it, the colour is true deep dark black and something that can be used on daily basis.  The texture is insanely creamy and glides super effortlessly and sets in a few seconds. If you wish to smudge it is careful to work on each eye at a time else it will be a pain to blend in. The liner is opaque in single swipe

Price: 2150 INR

Perhaps the costliest eye pencil in this whole range but at the end, you get the best too. Estee Lauder is a high-end brand but worth your hard-earned money. This is the blackest of all and is absolutely perfect for sensitive eyes. You can get this one if you want to shell some money on a perfect kohl.

Inglot Kohl Pencil 01

Price: 1090 INR

This is a sharpenable pencil that glides on really smoothly with an even pigmentation. The texture is matte and one can use it both on upper, lower as well as their waterline. The blackest of the black pigment from Ignot is just for your eyes!

Price: 990 INR

This is one of the few liquid eyeliners that has been featured and if you have used it, you know why. The colour is jet black and perfect. Glides on smoothly without any nuance and makes your eyes look oh! so glammed up.

  • Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Smoky Eyeliner in Black Velour

Price: 650 INR

Loreal Paris Color Riche Le Smoky eyeliner, as the name suggests is a kohl that is apt for a smoky eye look. This black kajal is insanely pigmented and that’s why features in our list. Love how this glides on smoothly and gives the best looking smoky eyes ever!

  • MAC Modern Twist Kajal in Squid

Price: 990 INR

MAC products need no introduction and same goes with their twist up kajal. Who doesn’t love that rich black line on the upper and lower eyelid and if you are among them, this is for you!

Price: 499 INR

This is a comparatively new launch from Maybelline and has instantly become the favourite of eyeliner lovers. This is a gel kajal pencil which comes in a variety of shades but the black one stands out due to its intensity and smoothness.

Nykaa Eyeliner review 1

Price: 699 INR

The Nykaa 24*7 luxe eyeliner is on the glossier side. It is much more pigmented than the rock the line kajal. The texture is really smooth and glides on really easily. This is apt for smoky eyes and can be used on the upper lash line too. This eyeliner is better in every way than that one – lasting power, water resistance or even smudge proof.

  • NYX The Curve Eyeliner

Price: 2500 INR

NYX is a brand that has a good mix of drugstore and high-end products. The curve liner though comes in their high-end category is worth every penny paid. The liner is flawless on the lids and is easy to apply even for beginners.

Price: 650 INR

Pen eyeliners are a love for every person who is trying their hands first into makeup. They glide on smoothly and help to have a good hold on the tip as well. I always love pen liners and this baby from The Body Shop is a steal deal at a decent price.


Price: 1199 INR

The Balm Cosmetics have always been the centre of attraction due to their awesome products and chic packaging. Schwing is really the deep dark blackest black liquid liner which turns our semi-matte. The texture is good enough to slide on smoothly and it makes your eyes go all glam.

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