12 FACES Canada Glam On Lip Glosses Swatches


FACES Canada Glam On Lip Glosses Swatches

Hey Wise beauties, when I in the mall two days before some shiny transparent bottles on FACES counter caught my eye. I decided to get a closer look at them and to my surprise this was the re-launched Glam On lip glosses and thought of swatching them for you all. Honestly I don’t own any of their products other than the lip balms but I quite liked these glosses. I liked there packaging more than the glosses though….


faces glamon lip glosses


Finally FACES has started to understand that packaging should also be attractive and they are trying to revamp their products.

Company Claims: Easy to apply, high shine lip gloss, vanilla flavored (yum!). For the technically minded, it’s the high percentage of CTT ( Caprylic Capric Triglycerides ) which makes it so easy to apply, gives uniform coverage and makes your lips feel perfect. Let your lips do the talking!!!

Price: INR 499 for 7.5ml.

Packaging: Am really happy with their new packaging. The gloss comes in sleek rectangular transparent body with a twist open golden cap. It comes with a regular sponge applicator but the wand is a bit long. Though the wand is long just to justify the sleek-long body of the gloss but I didn’t like the long wand.


faces glam on wand


Shades Offered: Earlier this range had ten shades but now it has a total of twelve shades to offer. And this time the shades are given names along with numbers.


faces glam on lip gloss swatches

 FACES Canada Glam On Lip Glosses Shade Names:-


01- Ochre crush
02- Chestnut Tinge
03- Caramel Whiff
04- Zing Pink
05- Citrus Dazzle
06- Berry Rush
07- Sanguive Slush
08- Deep blush
09- Pink Pearl
10- Punch
11- Violet Zest
12- Rose Dew

Texture: The texture of these glosses is soft. Some shades consist of very obvious shimmer. These glasses are not heavily pigmented multiple swipes will be required to give opaque coverage.

The first set of swatches consists of:
Caramel Whiff (03), Violet Zest (11), Punch (10), Pink Pearl (09), Sanguive Slush (07), Ochre Crush (01).


glam on faces lipgloss

lipgloss swatches faces glamon


The second set of swatches consists of:
Citrus Dazzle (05), Zing Pink (04), Chestnut Tinge (02), Deep Blush (08), Berry Rush (06), Rose Dew (12).


glamon faces lipgloss

lipgloss swatch faces glamon


Have you tried any of FACES Canada Glam on Lip glosses ?

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  1. i guess you swatched them from the same shop as the colorbar lipsticks. I was in a shop in GT to buy colorbar summertime and the SA was heel bent on showing me these. I didn’t see them then due to shortage of time but I didnt miss them thaks to u :))

    • U r absolutely right Maitri,,, I swatched them from NHC vaishali nagar….
      Am glad u can now have a sigh of relief that u didnt miss anything 🙂 …. by d way GT too is alwyz overly crowded


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