12 Minimalist Makeup Brands That Steal Your Heart Away!


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It’s summer and probably time to get things flaunting for you! This generation is all about flaunting, be it beauty products or your dream Rolex watch. So why makeup be left behind? We love to flaunt our favourite makeup brands and they give us a reason too. Most of the brands nowadays have tremendously beautiful packaging and trust me, they are worthy of displaying on your makeup vanity. And this post is all about those babies! Presenting 12 Minimalistic Makeup brands that will steal your heart away with their products as well as their packaging. Dig in!

12 Minimalistic Makeup Brands That Steal your heart away!

  • Make Beauty

This New York-based brand is all about makeup and packaging. It is like a fine art and when you pull it out of your handbag to touch up, the whole washroom is watching!

  • Herbivore Botanicals

This Seattle-based brand has packaging that I am sure none wants to mess up. The bottles are like one of the best in this list. See for yourself and decide!

  • Hylamide

The serums from this brand are not only affordable but are also an eye candy to your makeup vanity. You need them in your collection!

  • Susanne Kaufmann

This lady knows how to raise other’s eyebrows when it comes to packaging. Take a selfie with this bottle, anyone, as it is that beautiful. You really don’t want to throw this away after using it up!

  • Drunk Elephant

Don’t go by the name, this brand‘s packaging is definitely not a drunkard’s job. The name is witty and so is the packaging with a pinch of classiness. Effectiveness mixed with subtle colours. Pure love!

  • Niod

This Canadian-based brand will definitely be a positive ‘nod’ when it comes to making our shelves look prettier. The packaging is something I am living for – chic and classy!

  • Ouai

This line of products is definitely an eye-catcher when it comes to packaging. This clean brand with even a cleaner packaging will definitely grab your eyeballs.

  • Saturday Skin

We all love Saturday and so do the brand, Saturday Skin. This brand has the signature pink packaging that definitely stresses on its focus on the fairer sex. We love the packaging, do you?

  • Theseeke

This brand is all natural with an extraordinarily great fragrance. With extracts of Rose Oil and Calendula, this brand is a showstopper in your makeup racks as well as fragrance rack. You can relieve your whole day’s stress just by smelling these.

  • Rodin

This is a cult favourite of makeup lovers but recently the packaging has improved to the next level. The lip products are so eye catching that I’m sure everyone will feel like having them in your makeup kitty.

  • The Ordinary

This is the sister concern of Niod and Hylamide and is definitely worthy of a full rack in your bathroom. The packagings are to live for! And this will attract everyone’s eyes when they enter your bathroom.

  • Odejo

This perfume brand has everything going for her. Be it her fragrance or clear bottle packaging, this brand has all thing to die for! Definitely a fit in your vanity.

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