12 Stunning Feet Mehndi Designs


12 Stunning Feet Mehndi Designs


OK So! We all love applying mehndi. I adore it totally and thankfully am good at it. Now there are many designs for henna on hands on our favourite Wiseshe so this time I am bringing to you 12 beautiful henna designs that will help you in decorating your feet. Some people might think that feet-henna is bridal but I for one don’t. Whenever I apply henna on hands, I usually end up adorning my feet also. It looks cool I say. So all the girlie girls take a look at some pretty mehndi designs

1. This one is a very simple design. Paisley is one of the most prominent mehndi-patterns and this design makes full use of it. As this design is simple, rhinestones have been used to decorate it. If you don’t want to use rhinestones, the design will still look good.



feet mehndi designs

2. These flowers are also very commonly used in creating mehndi design. This design is simple and apt for any occasion. Again it will look good with or without stones. To make this pattern you just need to perfect the flower drawing.



feet mehndi design

3. This curvy mehndi design is super gorgeous. A paisley and many delicate tendrils lend it an elegant vibe. It is easy and quick to draw.


feet mehndi

4. This flower bunch is for the experimental girls among us. Many flowersdrawn intricately are looking amazing. Rhinestones can be used to break the monotony of the design. Shading can be tricky for some but it’s just a matter of practice.



feet mehndi designs photos

5. The flower garden pattern here is quite different from what we usually see in mehndi designs. This design combines many different motifs put together creatively to look amazing.


feet mehndi designs easy

6. Such designs made with thick lines look very beautiful. This Arabic style design is easy to make and even if you botch up a little, it will be hidden.


feet mehndi pattern

7. Minimal designs are apt for anytime wear and this design screams minimalism. The designs on both feet are different but coordinated very well. Super easy and quick. You can add stones to make it blingy.


beautiful feet mehndi

8. This spring-like design has been drawn using thin lines and similar patterns. This design is easy to make but needs time. Such designs look great when both the feet are done in exactly the same way.


beautiful mehndi designs for feet

9. Superb is the word for this design. It is dense but will not take as much time because it is done only on the sides of feet. To create this, one definitely needs a good hand.


feet bridal mehndi

10. This design is bridal though with some tweaks it can be worn by anyone. Like you can make only the central pattern to make it suitable for any lady. The lines are intricate so be careful when drawing it.


feet mehndi designs bridal

11. Lovely! It is a sandal-like design. Intricate but easy. I am definitely trying this for my next mehndi outing.


mehndi design

12. This design also gives the footwear illusion. Pretty and simple. And yes you also get mehndi-anklets with this design. This is worth trying when you have less time but want more beauty.


mehndi images


P.S – All images are taken from google.If any of these belong to you please mail us  at [email protected] we will put them down.

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