12 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Skin Care


Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Skin Care

You are following a great skin care regimen. You cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize; you do facials and use home remedies; you also use good night cream and under eye cream.

You have well planned everything for your skin but are you missing anything? Are you making any mistake? There are plenty of things you should not do which can be called as skin sins.

Well, here we have a list of of these sins! Check the list below and see if you are doing any of these mistakes.

Picking Zits:

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It’s the biggest skin sin of all. Many people find themselves guilty of doing this. You must be tempted to pick it when you find a dirty zit on your beautiful face but this way you are not only damaging your skin but also spreading the bacteria attracting more such zits.


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows - SMOKING

Nothing could be more terrible to skin than this. When you smoke the blood circulation to skin becomes very slow which makes it look dull and pale. In that case can you expect it to look fresh and glowing? Your makeup as well can’t help you much.

Touching Face Too Often:

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You touch many things in a day that includes door knobs, things on public places, etc. When you touch your face with unwashed hands you are only transferring so much of gunk to your clean face. Do you think your face worth it?

Sleeping With Makeup:

Even if you reach home too late and you just got to sleep right away, you should spare few minutes to remove that makeup layer on your face else your skin won’t be able to do its work. This makeup clogs the pores as a result of which the sebum in your skin pops out and give you break outs.

Sleeping Without Cleansing:


Your skin accumulates so much of dirt from the polluted environment and from all those that touches it. Don’t you think you should remove this before going to sleep?

Over Exfoliation:

You want your skin to be squeaky clean but over exfoliating can only harm your skin. Scrub only twice a week and never cross the number.

Not Cleaning Your phone:

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You use your phone so often but is it really clean? Is it necessary? Of course since you take your phone everywhere; you keep it on the public seats, on the table, throw into your handbag and even take to the washrooms. Don’t you think it got loads of bacteria over it?

Not Changing Bed Linen:

You use that night cream and under eye cream before going to bed, don’t you? Then it transfers to your pillowcase along with some sweat which results in lots of bugs. Do you think it’s good for your skin? So change the pillowcase every few days.

Skin Wipes:

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Many prefer these wipes over face wash but do you know that these are anti-beauty products? These can be harsh on skin and can cause redness which can be a precursor to Rosacea.

Face Towels:

You have kept a separate towel or napkin for your face which is a good habit but do you leave it in the bathroom? This can’t be a good idea since this can attract bacteria. It is best practice wash it regularly to pamper your skin with a clean cloth every time you use it.

Dirty Hair On your Face:

If you have a lot of spots around hairline then your hair must be falling over that area. Well, I’m not asking you to move it away from face and change your hairstyle but the reason behind those spots could be because of using hair styling products and not cleaning hair often. You can keep your hair away from face which the best solution for this problem; if not make sure your hair is clean.

Not Cleaning Brushes:

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If you do not wash your makeup brushes especially the foundation and concealer brushes which are used for liquids and creams attract more bacteria than other brushes. You are only transferring this to your face every time you apply a product. The reason behind your blemishes could be this.

Which of these ways you are sabotaging your skin care?

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