13 Lakme 9to5 The Office Stylist Range Lipsticks Swatches



Lakme 9to5 The Office Stylist Range Lipsticks

After the glosses here are the swatches of the lipsticks from the Lakme 9to5 The Office Stylist range.

What attracted me to these lippies was the packaging. It’s in Rose Gold!! I love that metal and would love to own many pieces of delight made of it 😉 At the end of the post will share a proud possession I have of Rose Gold.


Lakme 9to5 The Office Stylist Range Lipstick


Meanwhile enjoy the lipstick swatches.




  • Top – left to right: Toffee Nexus, Pink Coral, Brownie Point and Rose chaos
  • Center – left to right: Mauve Paced, Peony Goal, Oak Table, Pink slip and Mauve Paced(repeated)
  • Bottom – left to right: Red Coat, Wine Play, Rose Management and Coffee Command

I wore Rose Chaos and here is how it looks on me:


Lakme 9to5 The Office Stylist Range Lipstick Rose Chaos Lip Swatch+lakme lipsticks


My take on the product:

I love the color range. Perfect subtle colors for an office wear. But what about the comfort of wearing this lippies? The formula looks very drying. On application it’s not dry, glides smoothly. But the feel of it is heavy on the lips. I started drying on me and settling in my fine lines. Like promised it stay for 8 hours or even more.

Here is my Rose Gold Chain and pendant, which I totally adore:


Rose Gold Chain and pendant


Have you tried Lakme 9to5 The Office Stylist Range Lipsticks ?

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  1. i got red chaos and scarlet drill from this range, loved the shade of toffee nexus, these r very similar to lakme absolute matte lipstick in terms of texture, finish, staying power and fragrance, just shades r different

  2. I had 2 shades from the previous range. I liked the fact that it never needed reapplying. But it was extremely matt and drying on lips.

      • No re. I meant its drying even if i apply lip balm underneath it. Its as if it steals away the moisture from my lips. N if i put gloss , it doesnt last 9 to 5 as per claims n transfers also.

  3. Nice swatches Bo 🙂 Am liking the color palette n the new packaging :yes: But i do feel Lakme is revamping the packaging of all their existing products as a smart excuse to hike their prices

  4. I like d shades but d formula just ain’t made fr my lips..

    N I luv rose gold too!! I want a rosé gold watch!! 🙂

  5. Great post!! Saves a lot of time while shopping…. I think I will pick Oak table without even looking at other shades 🙂


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