13 MAC Eyeshadow Dupes Coastal Scents


Coastal Scent Dupes 

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After going through  few  you tube videos I ordered coastal scents hot pots which are a great dupe of MAC eyeshadows. You might find many dupes of MAC eyeshadows but I prefer coastal scent dupes because they are affordable, pigmented and blend beautifully.I have reviewed few of the shades in the past which I will link in the post below while  talking about these shades .


About Coastal Scents Hot Pots:-

  • Price:$1.99 each
  • Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Mineral Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Methylparaben. May Contain: Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet, Chromium Oxide Greens, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake.
  • Dimension: 1″ (2.5cm) [26mm] in diameter
  • Net Weight: 1.3g / 0.04oz


  •  Coastal Scent Hot Pot S36 – It’s a golden brown with shimmer with yellow undertones and have satin finish..It’s a dupe of MAC Amber light eyeshadow which has been reviewed here.


I had read a lot about Miss Claire eyeshadows that these little cute pots which create magic and are superbly affordable and available in variety of shades,


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S34– It’s a mix of copper and orange and a beautiful dupe of MAC Bold & Brazen eyeshadow. Texture and pigmentation of  S34 is fab.


MAC bold and brazen eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot Amaretto – Dupe of sable eyeshadow . I have reviewed the shade in detail here 


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S16 – If you check out MAC Nocturnelle it lacks a bit in pigmentation but  coastal scent S16 is better pigmentation although not that smooth in texture.


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent hot pot S33 – It’s one of my favourite eyeshadow  to put in the crease.I especially like to use it with my winged eyeliner look.It’s a dupe of MAC eyeshadow texture.


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent hot pot S18 – Dupe of MAC bitter eyeshadow but I need to work upon this shade as in pigmentation its not that great.


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S32 – This one doesn’t show up much on my NC 42 skin tone but is a lovely dupe of MAC coral eyeshadow.


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S17 – One of my favourite bridal shade.Can be used as a blush as well.It’s a dupe of MAC eyeshadow cranberry.



MAC Sable eyeMAC Sable eyeshadow dupeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot Oatmeal Tan – Light beige soft brown shade .It’s a beautiful and kind of a must have shade .It’s a shade which you will reach out to quite often for blending out a shade or a contrast to shimmery shade and will work on wide range of skin tone.With beautiful pigmentation this shade is smooth and not chalky at all.This shade is a dupe of MAC eyeshadow Soft brown.Read more about it here


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S05 – It’s a taupy brown shade and a dupe of MAC Patina.MAC Paitna comes under one of the best selling MAC eyeshadow list.


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot M02 – It’s said to be MAC eyeshadow kelly dupe.A bright green with a satin finish.


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S38 – This too is a  beautiful crease shade .Something which you can wear everyday to work.You can see specks of gold in the pan but when transferred on eyes its not that visible.It’s a dupe of MAC Haux but MAC one is more brown .


MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot M11- It’s a matte medium ink blue eyeshadow .Pigmentation of shade is not bad but its  a blue which many of us will shy away from using as the main shade.I like to pair it with darker shades .It’s a dupe of MAC Fountain bleu reviewed here

MAC Sable eyeshadow dupe


So, if you are planning to buy some coastal scent eyeshadows then don’t forget these dupes .You will feel happy saving some bucks .Let me know if you are aware of any other Coastal Scent dupes 🙂


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  1. Amazing!! N I agree A.. More tha other brands coastal scents is the best choice…very affordable n super quality…if only customs weren’t so deadly..

  2. awesome post, it will be useful to may girls here, i really want to try coastal scents stuff but no credit card so may be will try these later, these are so affordable too

  3. Mujhey toh inmein se ek bhi mil jaye toh I will be extremely happy
    Ana, Zara r u both listening 😉 😉


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