13 Reasons Behind Hair Fall


Reasons Behind Hair Fall


There is no cause that can be singled out for hair loss. Many factors are responsible for hair fall and these may work together in thinning your hair.

It is normal to lose 50-100 hair everyday. During hair-wash you can lose up to 250 strands. This is normal and shouldn’t panic you. But if you notice unusual hair fall like too many hair on comb and pillow or in shower, you have reasons to worry.


reasons for hair fall

Main reasons behind unusual hair fall can be


Like men, women can also face hair fall due to genetic factors. This condition is relatively rare and occurs after a woman crosses her 50s. This condition may also be seen in teenagers very rarely. In such cases the shed hair strand is replaced by a thinner strand which makes hair look thinner. In this condition the hair may stop growing eventually.


If you have some disease whether serious or not, your hair cycle may be disturbed. Physical injury can also increase hair fall. Such hair loss is reversed as you recover.

Emotional Issues

Stress is a big contributing factor towards hair fall. It is probably the most common cause of increased hair fall. Get over your emotional blocks, exercise a little and you may well be on the road to recovery.


This obviously affects only the mothers. Here the hair loss is seen usually only after the delivery. Hair recover from such hair fall if a good diet and proper medication is taken.

Hormonal Imbalance

Thyroid issue (hypothyroidism), PCOS and PCOD can also be the reasons behind hair loss. Even going on, off or switching your contraceptive pill may disturb your hormones. The sooner you start treatment, better are the chances of regaining your hair glory.

Excess Vitamin A

Vitamins are essential for us but here too the excess is bad. Taking vitamin A supplements more than needed can trigger hair fall. Stopping the consumption of such medication usually reverses hair fall.

Wrong Hairstyles

If you tie your hair too tightly, the stess on hair shaft will lead to hair loss. Always pay attention to your hairstyle and even if a single strand feels stretched, redo your hair.

Hair Treatments

Blow dryer, curling rod, bad quality hair-brush, hair colours and other chemical hair treatments can make hair worse. Proper precautions should be taken while doing hair treatments and also these treatments should not be done very frequently.

Iron deficiency

If you are facing heavy hair fall then getting your Haemoglobin checked can be a good idea. If you have low iron then consult your doctor and take supplements.

Vitamin B deficiency

Include sufficient vitamin B in your diet always. Eat fruits, vegetables, fish and meat in your diet. A balanced diet is prerequisite for healthy hair.

Protein Deficiency

This is well-known that adequate protein intake is required for healthy hair. If you don’t take enough protein then hair loss will follow. Include protein rich food like fish, eggs, peas, nuts, quinoa etc.

Drastic Weight Loss

If you are suddenly losing weight then it comes as a shock to body. Even if you are dieting and losing weight in a healthy way, hair cycle may be disturbed. The body corrects this type of hair loss in due course of time.


Hair fall is often seen in women after they cross their 50s or 60s. A healthy lifestyle helps in preventing such issues.

How are you preventing your hair fall?

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