15 Awesome Eyeliner Hacks Everyone Should Know + Video


15 Awesome Eyeliner Hacks Everyone Should Know

Hello Everyone,

Every makeup loving woman has an inclination towards an eyeliner preferably over an eye shadow because you can wear eyeliner on daily basis! It instantly makes the eyes look attractive and appealing!


I recently tried to compile 15 eyeliner hacks which I have known since years of using eyeliner and so I did a video where I have shown all the 15 eyeliner hacks and how to do them easily!

Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Liquid Eyeliner Black eotd

So, if you are out of ideas as to how to make your eyes look attractive without repeating the eyeliner tricks, this video is surely going to be helpful for you!

  • You can keep your favorite eyeliner to stay longer on your eyes with just a simple trick even of it is not one of the longest staying eyeliners! You can line your eyes simply and using a similar shade of eye shadow, dust it lightly over the lined eyes. This will make your liner stay for a good while without smudging!
  • If liquid eyeliner is not your cup of tea because you cannot hold your hands steady to draw a neat outline, you can first draw a rough line with a pencil liner and then apply liquid eyeliner on the top! You will not stop after trying this simple trick!

White Eye Liner

  • If you love your favorite eye shadow but don’t wear it often because it fails to show up on your eyes, then using a white eye pencil beneath the eye shadow over the eye crease will make the shade pop and more brighter!
  • This is for the creative artist in you! You can create your own eye liner with a simple trick. Just wet the brush with water and dip it in your favorite eye shadow and go on apply it on your eyes and see how everyone loves it on you!
  • Put that white eyeliner to another use and give an instant eye lift to the eyes by applying it just on your brow bone and the area above your brow arch! Blend it with your fingers or a blender and see the difference!
  • If you want to try something different and are just happy with the perfect nude shadow1 You can still use an eyeliner on the upper eyelid but apply it from the inside to give a natural denser lashline! You can use a gel or a pencil eyeliner for this hack!

Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Liquid Eyeliner Black eyeliner

Nude Eyeliner

  • Another tip for shaking hands is to apply small dashes of eyeliner and then join them carefully to give a flawless eyeliner look!
  • After ombre lips, now its eye liners and you can easily get it bu using a white or a nude eye liner starting from the inner corner of the eyes to the 3/4th part. Now with the help of another dark eyeliner, apply n outline from the center extending towards the outer eye corner! Blend the area where the two shades coincide to give an ombre look!
  • In case you went overboard and applied the eyeliner extending more towards the outside!! Well, you can fix it with the help of a nude eyeliner just where you went ahead! You don’t need to wipe all of it and re-apply the liner again!


Cat Eyeliner struggles

  • If you long to see the perfect cat eyeliner looks and struggle each time while doing on your eyes, pick up a business card and use the same to get the straight extended line identically on both the eyes!
  • If you are naturally not blessed with big eyes, you can make them look bigger by using a nude/ white eyeliner on the waterline. This hack will give you the perfect wide awake eye look!
  • Add a dash of glitter on your eyes to transform the eye makeup for a night party easily without taking the pain to do it all again!

Clinique High Impact Mascara 01 Black eyes

Use Mascara with Eye liner brush

  • If you are out of an eyeliner and have no time to get one, you can use you mascara.  So with the help of an eye brush take some of the eye color from the mascara wand and apply on the lashline!
  • You can ideally use a brown shade of eyeliner instead of the usual black eye look for a more natural and unique eye look! 🙂

Checkout the video below to learn and use all of these easy eyeliner hacks!

Hope you like all of these super easy eyeliner hacks! Do try them for different occasions and see the compliments showering upon you!

Have you tried any of these Eyeliner Hacks?

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