15 Best Of Allia Bhat Hairstyle You Must Not Miss Checking Out


15 Best Of Allia Bhatt Hairstyle You Must Not Miss Checking Out

Alia Bhatt definitely needs no introduction when it comes to being the youth icon for perfect looks or may be it would not be wrong to call her a fashion icon who knows how to dress up right at the right time. I have become a huge fan of her watching her looks in her movies. She does not shy away from experimenting for sure. Let me share some of the best hairstyles she has sported till now which you would also agree are just too good!

Style 1: Sided French Braid


French braid


This look suited her to the hilt. She has carried the look of a menace yet coyly dressed female just too well. If you have seen the movie she has carried this look very nicely. You just need to make a French braid at the sides and then secure the hair using ample pins to save the hair from falling off.

Style 2: Messy Bun



Her dimpled look is enhanced with this kind of hairstyle and she has carried it too well. The look is a fit for traditional and modern outfits equally. Do try this one as it never fails!

Style 3: High Bun


high bun

This is a total highlight when it comes to a rocking hairstyle. One cannot ignore her stylish look. This one hairstyle has been carried since ages by Indian cinema stars and is still a trend.

Style 4: Half Up Half Down



This one suits so well to her and is also one of her favorites. She dons it quite a few times and seems to know that she just looks super cool.

Style 5: Side parting open hair



In her recent movie Kapoor & Sons, you see her in this look. The side parted hair look so cool and go well with her attire.

Style 6: Side parted half braid half open


 half braid

This is another hairstyle she has worn in her famous song ‘Ladki kar gayi chull’ where you see her with a head band and half side braids. Very stylish and for the today’s girl look.

Style 7: Simple bun



easy bun

Yet another one from the same movie, don’t miss her cool bun which is messier yet in shape. As I said, you cannot ignore her.

Style 8: Semi-Curls



curly hairs

She just looks good in everything she wears and every type of hairstyle seems to be suiting her as if was made for her.

Style 9: Wavy Hair


hair with waves

Hope you did not ignore her wavy hair look in a recent brave pose for a magazine alongside Siddharth Malhotra. Well the girl knows how to get rave and how to pose sexy. Her wavy hair look is just too good. She must use it in a movie or two for sure.

Style 10: Half Pony


pony review

She looks cute when she does this! Her second favorite seems to be a half pony like she did for her movie promotions to a real life show. Well she sure knows her trade well.

Style 11: Straight hair


straight hair

This is also one of the hairstyles she carries too well. Totally straight hair looks good on her, which she has kept for most movies of hers.

Style 12: Puffed Ponytail


 Ponytail hairstyle

Ponytails are nothing new but she has got a twist to it with a puff above. Look at the persona she has.

Style 13: Straight and Messy



messy hairs

Something what guys did with their “straight out of the bed” looks, this one is an awesome style to go simply straight and messy.

Style 14: Hairband


straight hair

This one is again a hairstyle you would found as trending again. Back from the era of 90s, it is again in news thanks to Alia J

Style 15: High Pony


high ponytail

Last but not the least; she has nailed the art of looking her sexy self with every new movie of hers. This one looks classy when you hold your hair and attitude this high!

Everyday new look, every movie in a new avatar and a unique fashion statement truly make her a fashionista. Inspired by her, we can surely take leaps towards hairstyles if we just transform a little towards her looks. The styles are simple but the way and the attitude to carry them matters.


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