15 Blushes For Light Skin Tone


15 Blushes For Light Skin Tone


With more reasons to go out now, every girl needs more makeup. Blushes are must when ever you want to look better quickly. Different blushes are meant for different skin tones and one should choose wisely. We decided to make our readers even wiser by suggesting some blushes for light skin tone-

MAC Pro Blush in Rhubarb


blush for light skin

MAC describes this shade as a bright magenta and that is exactly what it is.. a deep fuschia with an undertone which screams BLUE! It can be applied light or deeply as desired. This blush has a Satin finish and is very easy to blend. Satin finishes add that nice sheen sans any shimmer or glitter. Its so pigmented that one swipe is enough for both cheeks.

MAC Pro Blush in Cantaloupe


blushes for light skin

Described as a pinkish coral, this blush looks gorgeous on NC 30 skintone. This is an easy shade to wear and one cant really go wrong with this.  This blush is also highly pigmented..more so than the blushes from the normal range. One needs a tiny bit only.  So easy to blend and hardly takes any effort at all!  This stays about 5 to 6hrs

MUA Blush in No.4


light skin blush india

The color is a peachy-coral which would flatter everyone! It isn’t too orangey and quite wearable. This blush has amazing pigmentation and hardly any fallout. It can be built up . Stays on cheeks for about 4 to 6 hrs and then starts to steadily fade away.

MUA Blush in No.2


blushes for light skin india

The color is a dirty peachy rose sans shimmer or glitter. This is decently pigmented and can be built up as desired. Stays on cheeks for about 3hrs and then starts to steadily fade away. All in all, this is a nice daily wear blush with minimal risk involved.

MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Dolly


blush ligh skin india

The color is a peachy coral and will look either more peachy or more corally depending on your skin tone. Its super creamy This is well pigmented when swiped and comes off s a sheer wash of color on the cheeks. Stays on cheeks for about 2 to 3hrs

MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty


best blushes for light skin

MAC Dainty is a candy pink shade with minute gold shimmers. It also gives a gorgeous golden sheen which gives an almost highlighted effect. The shimmers are not too huge but nevertheless are quite visible.

Cargo Blush in Key Largo


blushes for fair skin

The shade looks like a gorgeous raspberry pink in the pan and on skin takes on a coral hue as well. It’s a pretty intense shade and must be used cautiously. The finish looks matte but looks more satiny on skin. Pigmentation is amazing and just a tiny bit is needed for a single use. It has no shimmers at all which makes it wearable for work as well. Staying power is commendable as well. It stays on for about 7hours.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty


best light skin blush

This is more of a strawberry red shade…you know, the red with a tinge of pink to it. This is also crazily pigmented. This doesn’t have any shimmer but isn’t totally matte. It has more of a satin finish and will suit all skintones. It stays for really long on me. In fact, it behaves more like a stain and looks really natural provided the blending is done properly.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Peaceful


best fair skin blush

The site describes the shade as a soft-nude-peach, and that’s exactly what it is. The blush is really soft and pigmented and just because it’s described as a soft nude doesn’t mean it’s any less pigmented. In fact, a single dip into the pan is sufficient, it’s that pigmented. It’s easy to blend and has nil fallout. It also has a subtle gold shimmer which really pretty much translates into a glow rather than a blingey face.

Benefit Boxed Blush In Heaven


blush for fair skin

It’s really a pinwheel pattern consisting of 4shades: a light coral peach, a rosy peach, a pinky-lavender and a mild beige shade which has a tiny bit of shimmer but the kind that comes out more like a sheen. Swirl these shades together and what you get is a gorgeous shade which on looks like a glowing pink. This comes off as a satin textured blush on the skin and is decently pigmented. It’s in fact designed to have soft pigmentation so as to give and instant soft focus sorta look to the face as opposed to a full-on flush of color

MAC Pro Blush in Salsa Rose


fair skin blush

It is an out and out raspberry shade. One dip or swipe brings out enough product to apply on both cheeks and then some. This stays forever and ever.

MAC ProLongwear Blush in Stubborn


light skin blush

The blush is described as a matte raspberry pink. This is extremely pigmented and one needs to use a light hand with this. It’s soft and has an almost creamy texture. This blush stays for about 8-9hrs easily.

MAC Cremeblend Blush Tea Petal


best blush for light skin

The blush is a plum brown shade without any shimmer at all. This is crazily pigmented and you will need very little for one cheek. It’s easy to blend. This blush stays for approx 7hrs.

MAC Blush Melba


best blushes for fair skin

The blush is described on the site as a Soft Coral Peach. On skin though its more peachy than coral. This is a matte finish blush and you can apply it lightly or heavily as desired.  Depending on how much you apply, this blush stays for about 4hrs to 7hrs. MAC Melba is hands down the easiest blush to wear.

Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush in Pink Pinch


best blush for fair skin

It is a bright blue-toned pink. It isn’t matte nor shimmery and has more of a satiny finish. The blush has a satin finish and is decently pigmented. This blush stays  for about 4hrs. It is a good shade for beginners.

Have you tried any of these blushes?

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