15 Decoration Ideas For Diwali This Year



15 Decoration Ideas For Diwali This Year

Diwali is a festival which includes huge pomp and show. We clean our houses, make sweets, dress ourselves and most importantly decorate our houses.

I love diwali a lot and decorate my house with various lights, rangolis and diyas.

Yeah you get it right, today it is all about Diwali decorations.

Some very cute and lovely decorations are a part of today’s post. Read on to find your favorite decorative idea for this Diwali:

Designer Pooja Thaal

To begin with, I shall include Pooja thaal in the list.


ctrative poojs thaal


How is Pooja Thaal a part of Diwali Decoration?

Well to answer this I would simply say Diwali is incomplete with a Diwali Pooja. We decorate our Mandirs in Diwali and so we need a designer Thaali as well to add to the decoration of our Mandir and let Goddess Laxmi be impressed with our Pooja thaal.

Artistic Diyas


decorative diyas


Please spend some extra penny get some artistic diyas rather than the simpler ones. The artistic diyas look so lovely and make for a great diwali decoration.

Floating Candles


floating candles


Yes they are never out of trend and are my personal favorites. I like floating candles a lot especially when they float with flower petals. These make up for a great decorative stuff for your drawing area.

Floral Lights


floral lights


The simple chili lights are so common, try a new version of these to decorate your home. Floral lights are a treat for eyes and look very lovely too.

Designer Lanterns




Lanterns are not always boring. Invest in some designer or antique lanterns this diwali. They look lovely in the day and lovelier in the night when they are lit up.

Paper lamps


paper lamp


Running on a budget??? Then these are absolutely for you. paper lamps are cute, creative and are always a great choice for decorating home in festive seasons.

Pastel color LED Lights


patel colot led lights


The pastel trend has even hit the decoration ideas this year. Ditch the general blue, green, red and yellow lights and buy some pastel colored LEDs to decorate home.



color rangoli


When Diwali and Decoration are talked together, we can in no case skip rangolis. It is said that rangolis greet Goddess Laxmi. Try making a beautiful rangoli in the traditional way using colors.

Samara Lights


samara lights


I love these cuties. They manage to attract everybody’s sight with their ultimate cuteness and are always praised. Though these are rare finds but if you are the lucky one and come across these, go get it and decorate your home in a cuter way.

Diya Rangoli

You do not master the art of rangoli making!!! Worry not, try this simpler way of making a diya rangoli.


doya rangoli
For a diya rangoli first arrange diyas in the rangoli pattern and them lit them up in a pattern beginning from the centre of the rangoli and then coming outwards.

Stars At Home




If you are someone who does not like floral lights then try getting these cutie star lights. They are cute and adorable.

Readymade Rangoli


readymade rangoli


There are various designer rangolis available in markets. The more artistic and studded they are, the more is their price. But these are always stunning and at the same time are saviors for those who do not have a good hand in rangoli making.





Buy a beautiful Vandarwal for the entrance of your house.

Wall Tea Lights


wall tea lights


Oh my!!! They look so lovely. If you are someone who does not have access to designer lights, you can make your own wall tea lights. This is both creative and lovely and at the same looks great in any way.

Laxmi Feet


goddess laxmi feet


It is important to draw Laxmi feet at your door steps, this signifies the feet of Goddess laxmi and she has come to our house.

In earlier days people used to draw the feet with color, but nowadays there are beautiful studded feet available in the markets. These look lovely and are great for diwali decoration.

Apart from these invest in good carpets, new cushions, designer 3d bed sheets and of course invest some bucks in Styling yourself.

How are you planning to decorate for this Diwali?

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