15 Fantastic Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know



15 Fantastic Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

There are moments when you run out of your favorite makeup product or you are running out of time or are having a tight shopping budget????

I can very well relate to almost all of the above situations, like I am eyeing a lot of makeup products but as of now the pocket just does not allow me get those, poor pocket how much will it tolerate the shopper soul in me!!!

So in such a crisis a lady should have some beauty hacks to save her and yet manage to look perfect. Today’s post is all about some fabulous makeup hacks. I am sure you are going to like each one of them.


Gel Liner From Eye Pencil

I am so sure that the caption just confused you. So now let’s get the sense out of this caption.

You can actually create a gel eye liner instantly with your eye pencil. Simply put the tip of your eye pencil near flame for 10-15 seconds and let it cool for few seconds. And there you have the thick and intense lining like that of a gel eye liner.


Bobbi brown gel liner eye swatch


Set Your Lipstick

Setting your lipstick for a long lasting effect is every girl’s desire. Simply after applying lipstick, press a pile of tissue against your lips and dust over some translucent powder. This will mattify your lipstick and also set it to last all day long.


colorbar orange vif lipswatches


If matte is not your desire, you can apply a second coat of your lipstick after this process.

Mascara as Liner

So you just ran out of your eye liner!!!! Panic not my dear just grab your mascara and an angled eye brush, I am sure you have an angled brush and if not then please get it because an angled brush is a wonderful brush for eye lining.

Now coming back to the subject, take the wand of your mascara, you will see some mascara deposits at the tip of the wand. Now with your angled eye brush take the mascara and apply it as an eye liner. There you have a creamy eye liner.

At Home – French Manicure

It’s time to say Yayyyy!!! You no longer need to spend oodles of money in salon to get French manicure. Of course salon manicured nails are always wow but they come with a huge service charge. With this hack you can have French manicured nails at home. Take the curved end of a band aid or a scotch tape/ sellotape and place it a little away from the tip of your nail.


Orly Nail Solid Gold


Apply the nail color and wait till it is dry. Now peel the band aid/sellotape off and you are done.

Lip Balm as Brow Tamer

The caption in itself is self explanatory. If you are out of your brow gel, apply your non –tinted lip balm as a brow gel with finger. This will tame unruly brows and set them to stay in place.


Anastasia Beverly Hills bold brow usage


Quick Dry Your Nails

“A woman is Helpless when she has wet nail paint on her nails.”
Not anymore, just dip in your fingers in a bowl filled with cold water after you have applied nail paint. This will help nail paint dry quickly.

Let Glitter Be The Savior

When your manicure starts to chip and you do not have time to get a fresh manicure done. Grab aglitter nail paint and apply it over the nails. Glitter distracts away from imperfections and is your savior for that moment.


illamaqua nail polishes reiew


Lipstick Be the Blush

When you are not carrying your full makeup with you, you can use your lipstick as a cream blush and look awake & fresh.


Glowing Body Lotion

When you want to have a summery gleam, mix liquid highlighter with your body lotion and apply it on legs or wherever desired.
Make sure you do not mix more than 1/3rd of highlighter in proportion with the total blend.

Quick Lip Scrub

No lip scrub in hand, how do I exfoliate lips???

In such a case make your own lip scrub by mixing some sugar with coconut or olive oil or a lip balm and exfoliate your lips with it.


Lush Lip Scrub Bubblegum Reviews+Lush lip scrubs Bubble gum +Lush lip scrub reviews


This will instantly make your lips feel softer and smoother.

Oil as Makeup Remover

When you do not have a good makeup remover in hand, use olive oil or baby oil to get rid of all traces of makeup.
I personally prefer using baby oil rather than a makeup remover all the time.


leave in treatment argan oil



Control The Bobby Pins

It is a very common problem that almost every girl faces. Keeping booby pins in place in not an easy task. The often slide out and may ruin the hairstyle too. To control these naughty bobby pins, lay the bobby pins on a tissue paper and spray on some good holding hair spray. This will make them to stay for longer durations at place.

Greasy Hair Rescue

When you are out and have no time to shampoo hair, you often resort to dry shampoos. But what if you do not have a dry shampoo as well?
In such a case put some baby powder on your hair line and rub it in. this will take the greasiness away and make your hair look good.


Schwarzkopf Hair Mattifying Powder


Heatless Waves

To create beach waves without heat simply braid your hair tight on both sides and go to bed. When you wake up, detangle them, spray some hair spray and scrunch your hair. With doing this you’ll have perfect beach waves without any use of a curling iron.

Tame Frizz Without a Serum

Frizzy hair are always a turn off. Serums are best to tame frizz but there can be a moment when you do not have hair serum in hand. Then you apply some hand cream to your hand as you usually do and run your fingers through your hair.


Desert Rose Loccitane Handcream


Do not over do or else your hair strands just might get greasy.

These were some great beauty hacks that every girl should know.

Do you have more beauty hacks to share?

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