15 Fishtail Braid Ideas


15 Fishtail braid ideas


The fishtail braid is an ever popular hairstyle that most women crave for. It’s an intricate version of the conventional over-simple braid and due to its fish tail or herringbone-like look it has acquired the name ‘fish tail braid’.

It looks really beautiful and intricate and if accessorized with the right kind of hair accessories it can indeed turn your hair into a creative and artistic output of fine mesh-lines of strands that seem intricately and complexly intertwined. The very look of the fishtail braids are so very fascinating that women of all ages whether young or old would love to wear their hair in the fishtail braided style and love to experiment with it.

Though apparently the hairstyle looks a bit complex, once you learn the tricks and master the skills, you’ll realize how easy it is to wear your hair in a fishtail braided style and look really pretty. You can even try some really stunning variations with your fishtail braided hairstyle to get new makeovers each day. Here are my top 15 fishtail braid ideas to help you glam up this New Year:

Fishtail braided headband style:

This hairstyle is suitable for both mid-length hair as well as long hair. You are to make two fishtail braids on your head’s either side and then bring them over your head and across each other to make a perfect headband style.


Fishtail braided headband style


Double fishtail braid twist:

This is a rather easy fishtail braid idea where you simply need to make two fishtail braids by brushing all your hair onto one side and then what you need to do is just flatly twist the two braids around one another. This is indeed a very cute hairstyle which teenagers and school going girls can try.


Double fishtail braid twist


Going Fishtail on Ponytail:

If you like a cute punch of the two hairstyles you can try this cute hairstyle with an intricate look however. This is a ponytail with fishtail braids on all its four sides. This is an ideal hairstyle for a casual day out, for sports sessions, for ballet performances, Prom and Homecoming occasions.


Fishtail on Ponytail style


Fishtail braid ballerina bun:

This hairstyle is quite simple. Just make the fishtail braid and roll it up and twist and secure it with few bobby pins to make a bun. This will give you a casual yet highly feminine look.


Fishtail braid ballerina bun


Looped fishtail braid bun:

This fishtail braided up-do is ideal for fine hair texture and for those with fairly long hair and the looped fishtail braided design looks really great and imparts a romantic softness to your looks. This is one perfect fishtail braided up-do for the wedding day.


Looped fishtail braid bun


Fishtail braided topknot:

This is another very easy fishtail braid idea. All you need to do is make a fishtail braided high ponytail and then roll it up into a perfect round topknot.


Fishtail braided topknot


Fishtail braiding with colorful yarns:

Be creative with your fishtail braiding. In that way you can make the classic or conventional fishtail braid look something new. Do the braiding with some colorful pretty yarn creatively threaded amid the hair strands. You might substitute the yarn for colorful satin ribbon even.


colorful yarns fishtail braid


Side French Style fishtail braid:

This is one hairstyle that can make you look really chic and classy. The hairstyle looks unique and is suitable for wedding, prom nights, ball rooms, ballets, home coming. You need to have really long and thick tresses to get this hairstyle right.


Side French Style fishtail


Beautiful Suspended style fishtail braid:

This hairstyle is ideal for school going pre-teen girls. Here the fishtail braid is made to hang over the neckline in a suspended form because a thin line of braids runs underneath the fishtail braid.


Suspended style fishtail braid


Sport a funky hairstyle with a colored fishtail braid:

If you want to sport a real cool and funky look a fishtail braid with multicolored hair strands and highlights is the most ideal way to do it.


colored fishtail braid style


Simple stunning fishtail braid style:

This is perhaps the simplest hairstyle but in its simplicity is its beauty. A fishtail braid runs amid the main bulk of hair enhancing its appeal.


Simple fishtail hairstyle


Fluffy creative fishtail braid:

This is a really cute fishtail braid hairstyle where a high ponytail is made with a fishtail braid at its lower end while the top part is made to look utterly fluffy and floppy with the help of stylistic twist and brushing


Fluffy creative fishtail braid


Loopy fishtail braid ponytail style:

This is an awesome a 3-in-1 hairstyle. To get this hairstyle you just need to make fishtail braided ponytail and fold it up into a loop.


Loopy fishtail braid ponytail


Messy fishtail braid decked with flowers:

This hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle to flaunt a girlish summer gay look or a sea-side look.


Messy fishtail braid with flowers


Fishtail braid embellished with tiara:

The beauty of the classic fishtail braid increases a tenfold if a tiara is set just a little away from the forehead, with your hair beautifully back brushed. Weddings and Prom nights are ideal occasions for this hairstyle.


Fishtail braid with tiara


So these are the 15 stunning fishtail braid ideas which you can try for taming your hair and getting compliments from all those around you.

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