10 Funny & Never To Be Missed Uses of Tampons


10 Funny & Never To Be Missed Uses of Tampons

Tampons are one of the rare things that one would use. With sanitary napkins around, we are quite relieved and would not like to switch to the tampons. It saves time, is convenient and one lives tension free for good 6-8 hours with sanitary napkins. But then why do Tampons exist? No offence to people still using them, for those who do not, let me share some useful tips to use your tampons that are lying somewhere in your closet unattended.

  1. Use as a Nail polish remover

how to use tampons

Yes! Often it so happens that we want to remove our pedicure but we cannot do it with normal cotton swabs as it damages our hands nail paint which we had applied with so much care and tenderness. Now what? Well, if you dab a tampon in may be a vacant lipstick tube, and apply remover on it, you are ready with a nail paint remover which will not let your manicure get varnished.

  1. Use as an eye mask

tampons as eye mask

This might look funny as a white glare without strings, but it sure is a good use of an otherwise abandoned tampon. You could use it as a perfect fit eye mask using your favorite soother like may be witch hazel.

  1. As a cleaning Mop

tampons as cleaning mop

An obvious use of the tampons could be as a soaking mop since we all know about the soaking part. This can be a very handy use if you use it over spilled over liquids which keeps on happening, isn’t it?

  1. As a make- up Sponge

makeup sponge

Yes, we can use it to clean that extra foundation or swipe the splurged kohl. This usage is definitely good to go for tampons as they are quite easy to carry. Though I can understand the hesitation but it is a definitely good use.

  1. As a Fire Kindler

tampons review

Cotton inside tampons is said to be a good fire kindler and can be used while camping to light fire or during winters to light your chimneys; again a good use instead of burning them unused.

  1. As Hair Curlers

Remington hair curler india

This I am sure is going to be the pot boiler here but it is true. You can use your tampons as hair curlers and they are actually better than those plastic or metal curlers that sting to your hair.

  1. As a Band aid

We know the skin friendly and anti-septic usage of tampons. They are safe to be used as band aids if you are not having one.

  1. As water purifier

Tampons can effectively clean dirt and sediments from water. Though it cannot remove bacteria or chemicals but it can effectively clean the rest visible dirt. You can post this boil the water and consume.

  1. As Ear Plugs

If you are looking to plug your ears somewhere with loud music or someone snoring, you could plug the tampons and sleep peacefully. These are quite handy during real loud noises like around Diwali time when we actually feel the need to plug our ears.

  1. As a leakage stopper

uses of tampons

We often come across untimely leakages from taps which need sometime before the plumber could mend it or repair it. One can use tampons in this case for a temporary relief. These can be put into the taps to block it.

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