15 Gorgeous Masaba Gupta Sarees


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ckeck saree masaba

I am back with the latest from Masaba Gupta. Her sarees are just way too good to be ignored. All celebrities vouch for it and she sure is a talent to reckon with. The way she mixes modern with traditional fashion is just too good. I am going to share today 15 of her designs which you could definitely  look forward to specially when it is the time of the year when you need to purchase  lot of sarees as the festival season and the marriage season has approached full on.

Golden yellow with pink border

masaba kareen kapoor saree

This combination of white, black and pink is a great design for your celebration needs. You can see the blend of a modern design to the Indian traditional wear in a blend of three in trend colors. The golden border looks extremely traditional yet modern.

Animal print

animal print

This saree design can make you appear funky. The design looks awesomely cool, isn’t?

Floral print

masaba floral print saree

Floral prints on the skirt or on the fall of the saree are very peculiar of a Masaba Gupta saree. Lovely designs with good color combinations is a sign you are wearing a saree from her.

Polka Dots print

polka dot saree masaba

You simply cannot ignore this beautiful saree with polka dots.

Hand Prints

hand print saree masaba

Her designs are too unique to be ignored for sure. Check this one out

Tamil Print

masaba tamil print saree

She is also good with color combinations in Tamil prints.

Disney Monopop

masaba saree disneyland prints

Well you could have never imagined this kind of a saree with a Disney design. I love it!

Striped print

check saree masaba

This one is way too preferred as I have seen it on a lot of celebrities.

Digital print

Digital print

If you haven’t tried this yet, you are sure missing on something trendy.

Plain tri-color saree

masaba plain tri color saree

No not the Indian tri-colors but the combination to die for is what you could say to this three color plain saree.

Rainbow print saree

rainbow saree masaba

You cannot deny that she knows the best when it comes to colors. I love this rainbow print saree that reminds of a canvas and a paint brush.

Checks on the skirt

ckeck saree masaba

This one is amazing to be worn as a saree. I mean who would have imagined checks and plain drape together?

Tribal print saree

masaba saree

The color combination of pink and fluorescent green in itself is a combination worth look out for. The print on the skirt is sure to take all eyes off your face.

Vibrant color saree

Vibrant color saree

To give you an electric feel, this saree can sure be the catalyst. Sure to grab right set of eyes on you!

Printed Saree

printed saree masaba

These ones are quite popular in her collection where you could find saree and half sarees in all their might with brilliant prints.

I hope you liked the collection I shared. You could actually check out her stores. At present there are 3 retail outlets of her collections. Masaba Gupta is a celebrity name and everyone vouches for her designs including celebrities like Vidya Balan, Madhuri Dixit Nene and many more.

With the festive season on, it is definitely a good idea to check these out.



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