15 Indian Healthy Low Carb Meals


15 Indian Healthy Low Carb Meals

Hello, ladies! Fitness game on mind? Well, the festive season is coming at us and we really need to be prep and primed for getting in shape. But we all hate oats right? Indian meals are generally full of oil but there are some recipes too that are tasty yet are not at all overloaded with calories. And if you love recipes just like that, then my love you are on the right post.

15 Indian Healthy Low Carb Meals

Mix Salad

Do I need to say why salad is low in carbs and healthy? We all know how fruits help in our health and combining all the amazing goodness in a single platter is nothing but cleverness.

Paneer Bhurji

What Paneer bhurji? Yes! If you can prepare this item with less amount of Olive Oil then this can also help to maintain your figure without any extra carbs.

Chhole Masala

Chhole Masala is one of the most famous North Indian food to have with Roti or Nun. It is low in carbs and help to make your tummy happy along with your tongue.

Mix Vegetables

Mix vegetable soup is undoubtedly a healthy option when it comes to having a good and sumptuous meal with all the nutrients of vegetables.

Kidney Beans Curry

Kidney beans curry or Rajma Curry is one of the favourite dish for most North Indian people. Chawal and Rajma sounds really heavy but in reality, rajma is really healthy and if you can mix rajma with brown rice, there is nothing better.

Greek Salad

Greek salad inspite of its name has made its mark in the Indian food department. Many health conscious people love greek salad including me!

Sprouted Moong Dal

Sprouted moong dal with a hint of olive oil and salt tastes divine and can be used to keep your hunger at bay. It also comes with the famous 1300 kcal diet plan.

Peanut Chat:

Peanut chat is not only tasty but healthy too. Nuts have healthy fats within it which help to keep the body healthy and tummy full.

Aloo Chaat

Chats are one of the delicious and most favourite of all Indians especially girls. We love to have our share of chats but if we mix a bit of lemon juice into it to make it delicious, it will be healthy yet filling.

Dahi Vade

Dahi Vada is one of the tastiest snacks we can have at any time of the day. Yogurt is known to help in weight management and thereby help to appease hunger without making you fat.


Non-oily food that can curb your hunger without making you worry about the weight issues is idli. Idli is actually made from


Who doesn’t love Dosa? I love Dosa and can eat it all day long. Though it is technically made from rice, still the amount of carb present in negligible when compared to other oily and carbohydrate rich stuff.


Rasam is a South Indian dish which is tasty and healthy at the same time. You can have a taste of this amazing healthy dish anytime and anywhere due to its low carb quotient.


Made from mustard seeds, flat rice and curry leaves, this is my all time favourite as a snack or normal lunch. You can add in veggies as per your likings which will make the dish even healthier. It has very little carbs as you can limit the amount of oil intake.


Made from ‘sooji’, this dish is surely of the eternal favourites of all healthy meal lovers. It requires very little oil and time and so can be made by anyone and everyone.

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