15 Kitchen Hacks For Busy Women


15 Kitchen Hacks For Busy Women

A working woman has to balance everything, whether it is her job or taking care of children or cleaning the entire house. A hectic busy life can be simplified by following several tricks to speed up the work without compromising with quality. Within stipulated time one can make the best out of it. So here I am with some popular and quite useful kitchen hacks for those busy, gorgeous ladies out there.

Cleaning Fresh Vegetables and Fruits:


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We can clean fresh fruits and vegetables without using any kinds of harsh chemicals. We can scrub them with a mixture of baking soda and water to remove all kinds of grime, dirt including pesticides. We can also use a mixture of vinegar and water to completely remove traces of pesticides from fruits and vegetables. It is also known as ‘Vinegar Wash’

Preserving Fresh herbs


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We can preserve fresh herbs of oregano, thyme for later use. It can be done by using an ice-cube tray to freeze freshly chopped herbs in water, olive oil, or any kind of vegetable oil like canola oil .These ice cubes can be used as a seasoning agent later.

Keep your cake fresh for days


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We all remember devouring on our favourite delicious dark chocolate cake. Many a times we fail to finish it up and keep it in a refrigerator which makes the cake drier. However no need to fret, we can keep the cake fresh for several days without affecting the texture or taste of our cake by securing a slice of bread to the exposed portions of the cake with some toothpicks. The sliced bread helps in keeping the cake fresh by holding the cake’s moisture.

Prevent water pots from over boiling

I remember spilling of milk or water due to over boiling in kitchen. It used to involve loads of efforts in cleaning the mess. Working ladies will find this tip quite useful and can prevent over boiling by placing a wooden spoon over the pot. We all know wood is not a good conductor of heat, thus the hot water or milk thus strays away from the handle thus preventing spilling.

De-crystallize honey


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Honey has the property to crystallize and harden up during winters or when kept in refrigerator. To de-crystallize we just need to place the container in a bowl of hot water for five to 10 minutes. Within 10 minutes we get back our de-crystallized fresh honey ready for use.

Turn softened butter to solid form

We can revive over-softened or completely melted butter by giving it an ice bath. We have to place the butter in a small bowl and the small bowl is placed in a larger bowl filled with ice and some cold water.

Softening butter quickly

In our tight schedule, for our morning breakfast we cannot keep the butter out for an hour. To speed up softening of butter we can grate it with a cheese grater or we can also flatten it with a rolling pin by putting it in a plastic bag for spreadable mixable butter. We can also cut a stick of butter into small pieces as more surface area allows butter to soften quite rapidly. We can keep a pre-heated glass bowl in inverted position over the butter to speed up melting.

Making perfectly shaped pancakes:

Ladling pancake batter into a pan is a mess and pretty difficult. Thus to prevent dripping of batter all over the place, we can use our old ketchup bottle (Heinz ones) or any squeeze bottle. By squeezing the bottle we can get perfectly round shaped pancakes without any unevenness.

Cut the cheese:

It is quite difficult to cut soft cheese with ease and precision. Now we can slice soft cheese such as goat cheese with unflavored dental floss to avoid smooshing them. This trick also works for slicing cakes, pastries and cookies.

Peeling Eggs in a jiffy:




We can peel several hardboiled eggs at a time by shaking them in a lid container. It is easy and consumes very less time and is effective when we are in hurry. Egg shell removal can be made easier by just adding baking soda or vinegar to water while boiling eggs. As baking soda and vinegar permeates the eggshells and help the albumen separate from the shell easily.

Preventing cut fruits from browning:

We can prevent browning of cut fruits like apple by adding a little amount of lemon juice to it. If you do not prefer lemon juice then use a mix of one part honey added to two parts of water to keep cut fruit fresh for long time. The peptide present in honey and citric acid and vitamin C in lemon juice slows down the oxidation process that causes discolouring. We can keep the potatoes white by adding diced potatoes into cold water before cooking to prevent those from turning brown which is caused by the release of a starch that makes them oxidize faster.

Deseeding Pomegranates in a flash:




I love pomegranates a lot but deseeding it is tricky and discourages me from buying it. There is one trick that speeds up the process of deseeding. We just need to break it open and bang on it hard with a wooden spoon as fast as possible. This will gives us a bowl full of pomegranate seeds in less time.

Clearing up glass shards:

It is very cumbersome and difficult to clear up your kitchen after breaking a glass. Finding and cleaning tiny bits of glass from every corner of kitchen is very difficult. However we can solve this issue by just slicing a potato in half and dabbing it on the floor. Potato due to its porous nature picks up every tiny shards of glass.

Preventing Green Veggies from getting soggy:


Fresh Vegetable Salads


We all want to buy lots of kale, celery and other salad leaves whenever we visit our supermarket. But the only fear of salad leaves getting soggy prevents us from buying it with our heart’s content. So we can now prevent our salad leaves from getting soggy by wrapping those with a paper towel. This soaks up extra moisture and keeps them fresh for more time.

Peeling the ginger:

We can peel the papery uneven rough skin from ginger without a peeler or a knife. We can use a spoon to get a clean ginger root without leaving any fragment of skin on ginger root. The round edge of spoon is much more effective than a peeler or knife.

Do you have more kitchen tips & tricks to suggest?

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