15 Layered Hairstyle For Long hair


15 Layered Hairstyle for Long hair

  Long luxurious tresses since time immemorial have come to define feminine beauty. Whether it’s the ancient fresco cave paintings or temple sculptures or the ancient Vedic literature, everywhere you’ll find a mention of woman’s long hair as an ideal symbol of feminine beauty. Not only in our country but across the borders in many other cultures too women with long luxurious hair were rated as more beautiful, as more attractive when compared to those with short hair. The ancient Egyptian, Roman literature and history drops a cue to the above fact. This tradition of having long hair and wearing it into beautiful hairstyles has survived down the ages till date and it’s really visually appealing to get to see how the modern ladies of today maintain their long hair and wear it into beautiful cascading layered hairstyles. The advantage of layered hairstyle lies in the fact that if done properly it can add a total makeover to your look. So always select an expert hairstylist when you are going for your long hair layered hair style. He or she will have all the expertise to style your hair according to the shape of your face giving your best features an extra edge or accentuating them. If you want to carry forward the ancient legacy and wear your long hair into some amazing layered hairstyles the modern way, here are the top ones listed for you:

Long layered cascading hairstyle for thick hair:-

If you have a thick voluminous hair, this hairstyle is simply ideal. It is an amazing mix of long and short layers. The short layers gently and artistically frame your face while the longer layers come down cascading right over your shoulders richly and quite vibrantly.

Long layered cascading hairstyle

Long hair with simple side layers:

This is a simple long hair layered hairstyle for women who are a little doubtful as to which layered hairstyle would be suitable for them. The simple side layers or bangs can frame your face subtly yet in a modern way and suits any and every face shape.  

Long hair simple-side layers

Long layered hairstyle with cascading ringlets:

You can use curling tongs to curl up the long layers cascading down to give them a curled ringlet look while the short layers will do the gentle face framing part. The curly bangs with twisted tips gorgeously running down your shoulders imparts you an awesome ultra-mod look.

Long layered  cascading ringlets

Long hairstyle with side-swept layers:

This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with thick voluminous hair. Your face would look ultra-flattered with the beautifully side-swept layers. This hairstyle also gives you an intensely sophisticated look.

Long hairstyle side-swept layers

Long layered hairstyle with highlights:

Highlighting the layers for your long straight hair can make the hairstyle interesting at the same time accentuating the varying sizes and lengths of the layers.

Long layered  highlights hairstyle

Long bouncy layered hairstyle with blow-out treatment:

If you wish to create a bombshell appeal with your long layered hair, blow-drying them will give you a lustrous bouncy styling.

  Long bouncy layered hairstyle

Long layered hairstyle to get a denser look:

If you wish to get a denser look and give fullness to your long hair, cut it into a mix of chin-length plus longer than that bangs

Long layered dense hairstyle

Rock & Roll styling for long layered hairstyle:

This sort of rock and roll styling for your layered hair can be achieved if you brush it with some dry shampoo or hair spray.

  Long layered Rock & Roll

Long layered tousled hairstyle:

The tousled layers for long hair look amazing. The wavy layers frame your face in such a way so that you get the perfect look of a seductress.

Long layered tousled hairstyle:

Long layered fine hair look:

When your long hair is cut into layers, you can get a perfect fine hair look. The major bulk of hair will not weigh your hair down.

  Long layered fine hair

Long layered hairstyle off-centre parting:

This hairstyle with the long and medium length layers curled and brushed sideways and backwards and your hair with an off-centre parting looks simply stunning and flattering to almost all face shapes .

Long layered off-centre parting

Long layered hairstyle with awesome fringes:

Fringes go very well with any sort of long layered hairstyle. The fringes along with the smaller side bangs beautifully do the task of subtle face framing and a fringy long layered hairstyle suit almost any face shape.

Long layered fringes

Long layered out-and-out curly hairstyle:

For those with long curly hair, cutting curls into layers and doing some skillful retro styling with the layered curls but with an on-trend twist, can give an outstanding look to your hair for this Christmas party!

  Long layered out-and-out curly

layered choppy textured hairstyle:

To add boldness to your look, this hairstyle is perfect with its textured combination of small, medium and long choppy layers.

Long layered choppy textured

Long layered hairstyle-The perfect wave magic:

If you want the perfect wave look on your hair, this layered hairstyle is simply ideal for your long hair.

Long layered wave hairstyle

  So these are the top 15 hairstyles for long hair which you might opt for to get an updated look

Which is your favorite long layered hair style?

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